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Ruth Kadiri sends out an open message to Federal Government [VIDEO]

Ruth Kadiri

Nigerian actress, Ruth Kadiri, has taken to her Instagram page to send out an open message to the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Coronavirus is a pandemic that we all never expected but it is here and I pray that this message gets to you somehow, ” the beautiful actress and mother of one states in her video.

According to Ruth Kadiri, if the government were to give the citizens NGN5,000 each, people will sing their praises because everyone is hungry right now.

In her opinion, “people are no more working to be rich, people are working to survive.”

Truly this is the situation that Nigerians have found themselves in. Many are bothered about whether they can get the next meal. Hopefully, the message from the actress gets to the Federal Government.

Ruth Kadiri’s open message reads in part: “This is a message for the Federal Government. Good morning your excellency, so much respect from my end

“Coronavirus is a pandemic that we all never expected but it is here and I pray that this message gets to you somehow

” Coronavirus and poverty are best friends. Ha! The virus lures you out through poverty, infects you, and kills your family. The thing is, it is not something that you see or touch.

“It means you have no ideas who is infected. It means when you get infected, you have no idea if your immune system is able to fight it.

“I beg you. We know Nigeria is able. You all brought up a policy of BVN. We all have our BVN numbers. I have more than 5 accounts and they all operate under one BVN.

” So, even if it is NGN 5,000 monthly, put it in our accounts. I promise you, we will stay at home. Even if it is NGN 5,000. People are not working anymore to be rich, people working to survive

“You would be amazed at what NGN 5,000 can do in the lives of people. You don’t need to be selfish to say you are giving one family member. 

” No! We all have account numbers. We all are Nigerians. If you are able to do this for us in this period, you have no idea how much we are going to appreciate it. How much we are going to tell the world that you are the best government Nigeria has ever had.

Watch the video below:

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