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See Cardi B’s reaction to coming home to Beyonce’s Ivy Park x Adidas collection [video]

See Cardi B's reaction to coming home to Beyonce's Ivy Park x Adidas collection [video]
Beyonce’s Ivy Park x Adidas collaboration is almost here and she has started sending out PR packages to influential celebrities.

Among those celebrities is rapper, Cardi B, who returned home to find Beyonce’s entire collection waiting for her at home.

“I just got home and look what I found. Beyonce gave me a closet,” Cardi B said after meeting the bright orange mobile closet at her home.

Cardi opened the closet to find what looks like the entire collection of clothes and footwear. Cardi said the gift made her feel special.

Cardi and beyonce met in 2017, and the rapper described the meeting with the pop queen many months later during a GQ interview.

She said: “When I met Beyoncé, people be like, ‘How that felt? I bet you was mad happy. It’s like, ‘Actually, I wanted to s–t on myself.’ It was a very scary thing. All she was doing was like, ‘Hi. I love your music.’ And I was like — UHHHN!”

We can absolutely relate.

Check out the video of Cardi unpacking her gift below: