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Singer, John Legend is People’s 2019 sexiest man alive

john legend
Only a few years ago, John Legend sang about how he’s just ‘ordinary’ and now he’s People’s sexiest man alive for 2019.

The magazine announced that the singer would hold the title this year, following Idris Elba, who was crowned last year.

When John shared photos of the new cover tagged, “How a good guy got it all,” he poked fun at the line of succession, writing:

“1995 John would be very perplexed to be following 2018 @IdrisElba as #sexiestman alive.

“Hell, 2019 John is about as equally perplexed but thank you @People for finding me sexy. I’ll take it.”

“I was excited, but I was a little scared at the same time because it’s a lot of pressure,” he said. “Everyone’s going to be picking me apart to see if I’m sexy enough to hold this title. I’m also following Idris Elba, which is not fair and not nice to me!”

Meanwhile, his wife, Chrissy Tiegen, who is known for being hilarious, has shared several reactions to the cover on social media.

“my secret is out. I have fulfilled my dream of having boned @people‘s sexiest man alive!! an honor!!!!!” she shared on Twitter along with the magazine cover.

She also tweeted:

…and changed her bio to: “currently sleeping with people’s sexiest man alive.”

Truly hilarious!