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South African actor, Nakhane Toure ends his relationship with Jesus Christ

Nakhane Toure
Gay South African singer and actor, Nakhane Toure, has revealed why he ended his relationship with Jesus Christ after 2 years.

In a recent interview with The Gareth Cliff Show Podcasts, Nakhane Toure said he gave up Christianity after deciding that he wanted to date other men.

I tried to confirm. Before my first album came out I was a very conservative Christian. I really tried to snuff out my idiosyncrasies, I really did. I tried for like‚ 5 or 6 years‚ and then the volcano just erupted.

“It was unbelievably painful but I thought I was doing it for Jesus. I ended my relationship with Jesus Christ.

“We were happy for the first two years‚ but then I realised that there were other men out there. I mean‚ he does say he’s jealous. That’s never good.”