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Stephanie Linus shaves off hair; says her husband had fun while doing the job

Stephanie Linus Okereke

Actress Stephanie Linus goes on low cut again, says her husband had fun shaving off her hair.

Do you remember those good old school days, the times when you could just pour water over your head while taking a bath? Well, filmmaker and actress Stephanie Linus decided to relive those days for the second time!

Yes, you read right! The second time and this time, according, to the celebrity, she hinted that her husband got the job – shaving off her hair- done.

The first time the Nollywood actress shaved off her hair was sometime around early last year, 2019, and it got a lot of reactions from fans.

This time, the award-winning actress took to her Instagram page to inform about her recent hair cut.

Writing along a video showing her new hairdo, Stephanie Linus says: “I don’t know what you’re to say. Again my husband had fun cutting my hair.


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Here is a fragment of her caption on the video.

I know what you’re going to say… Again??? My husband had fun cutting my hair.

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