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UPDATE: BBNaija’s Cindy responds with her own side of the story

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Big Brother Naija ex-contestant, Cindy has come forward to clear the air on the dispute between her and some vendors.

One of the vendors, beunique_b took to Instagram to call Cindy out for wearing a free dress without tagging her as per their agreement.

The fight got messy really quickly as Cindy was heard in an audio threatening to drag beunique_b to court.

The vendor appeared unfazed, sharing more proof that she claims shows that Cindy actually asked for other things apart from the dress and reneged on their agreement.


Cindy has now come forward to offer an explanation for the events of the past few hours. She shared that she had to cancel two more important appointments in order to satisfy beunique_b.

According to Cindy, she decided to go to beunique_b’s studio because she had already set everything up for a photoshoot and Cindy didn’t want to disappoint her.

The reality star finished by saying that the vendor gave her the dress and body shaper while she was leaving to show appreciation to her for coming. Watch the video below.


She later deleted the video from her page and instead put up a new picture of her wearing the dress. She captioned it:

“You know what, two wrongs can’t make a right.
My sincere apologies to all affected ?. Dress: @beunique_b

In now-deleted posts, she also added screenshots from vendors she spoke to as well as Toyin Lawani, owner of Tiannah’s place empire. She wrote:

“Pls my ppl, was I rude to this lady one time? Did I ever say I won’t tag.. I did my best.

“She was even pleading that I should wear her shapewear and make a video advert for her.. and I was going to do that for free too..

“I never for once wished her bad, I wanted her business to go well, if that was the little I could do to support her.. If u notice in one of the screenshots where I said this pics is maaaaad.. she sent it and I appreciated it, there was no problem but then she unsent it. I am still as confused as everyone else.

“Look at Tiana, I missed her appointment on that day cz of her, check that screenshot, someone that even tried to see me , despite how busy she was. do u guys know who this lady is, I should be running to her place sef, I should count myself lucky, someone I see as a mentor and inspiration… I only had time to send Tiana a message wen I could lay my hands on my phone, around to 11pm.. Why are ppl sooo mean, is it cz they tink am quiet or too considerate?..

“How did I offend you? to do this to my image after all my efforts.. The said makeup artist , look at what she sent me on the 29th.. even before I posted the kraks tv image which was not the said shoot.. so I really didn’t understand what her problem was, someone I tagged wholeheartedly.”

Cindy also apologized to other vendors and promised that it will not happen again even if she has to change her management.