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Alita Battle Angel star Rosa Salazar Biography: movies, net worth, and nudes

Rosa Salazar is a Canadian-American actress who has been in a number of your favourite films, including 2018’s “Bird Box”, “The Divergent Series”, and “The Maze Runner series”, including many others. Her best-known role is the lead role in 2019’s “Alita: Battle Angel”, where she played Alita, a cyborg who wakes up in a new body with no memory of her past and then sets out to discover what her destiny is.

Rosa Salazar is Canadian, but she has Peruvian and French roots, courtesy of her parents. Although the actress has long wanted to work in the entertainment industry, she only started taking it seriously after she moved to New York as an adult.

This brilliant actress has been nominated for several awards for her brilliant performance, and she has won several of them. Her life, career, and controversies will all feature in this article about her. We begin with a summary of the biggest facts you should know about the actress.

Top 10 facts about Rosa Salazar

  1. She was born on 16 July 1985, and she became 36 years old in 2021.
  2. Rosa Salazar height has been listed as 163 cm or 5 feet 4 inches (5’4″).
  3. Among her hobbies are boxing and cycling.
  4. Salazar’s parents are immigrants from Canada, and through them, she has Peruvian and French roots.
  5. Rosa Salazar is also a writer and director, and she wrote and directed the short film “Good Crazy”.
  6. She made her film debut in 2012 in the short film “Looper: Baldness Anxiety”.
  7. Salazar was emancipated at 15, had to live in foster care, and work odd jobs.
  8. This gifted actress has spoken extensively about her practice of martial arts.
  9. Rosa Salazar named fellow “Bird Box” actress Sandra Bullock as her idol.
  10. In 2013, she lent her voice to the video game “Batman: Arkham Origins”.

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Alita Battle Angel star Rose Salazar movies, net worth, hot photos, nude
Rosa Salazar (sometimes called Rose Salazar)

Early life

Rosa Salazar was born Rosa Bianca Salazar, although some misspell her name as Rose Salazar, on 16 July 1985 to Luis Salazar and Maryanne Salazar. While the actress was born in British Columbia, Canada, she grew up in Washington D.C., Maryland.

Her father is Peruvian, while her mother is French-Canadian. Through them, she descended from Peruvian and French people, and she is considered a Latina. Salazar’s parents emigrated from Canada to the United States of America (USA), and she was raised near Greenbelt, Maryland.

While she lived in Maryland, she stayed with her paternal grandmother. She attended the Eleanor Roosevelt High School, where she was active in the theatre program.

After that, she attended Prince George’s Community College, where she studied Drama. Later, she studied method acting, improvisation, and performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade.

Other details about her life are unknown, but she has spoken about being emancipated at 15. She said, “I was in foster care, and I was emancipated at 15, so I did live on my own. I wasn’t homeless, but I felt like a child without a home.”

She also has a brother, and her life was not very easy thanks to the people that her mother married. She said:

“Everything was an escape for me when I was younger. I had a tumultuous home life thanks to the unsavory characters my mom would marry. My brother just sort of evaded, and my dad lived far away, so I was left alone.”

After she was emancipated, she worked several odd jobs while she started pursuing her acting career. She worked at Domino’s for a while, then as a bartender, before she worked as a delivery girl.

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Later, she moved to New York and took her acting career more seriously. While she was there, she worked for the comedy production company CollegeHumor before securing roles in high-profile movies.

Personal life

Rosa Salazar’s philosophy about dating is simple. She thinks that relationships are unnecessary if they slow you down in any area of your life. That said, she has had a few relationships in the course of her career. According to Daily Mail, Salazar dated someone called Sam Setzer.

However, while their relationship lasted for a few months, it soon ended and then turned ugly. What happened?

Alita Battle Angel star Rosa Salazar movies, net worth, hot photos, nude

Salazar was hit with a restraining order after their breakup, and Setzer claimed that the actress harassed him with calls and text messages, routinely coming to his house to yell loudly.

A different judge revoked the restraining order, saying that it was pointless and unnecessary.

Before dating Sam Setzer, Salazar dated Isaac Hilleger, whom she met while working at CollegeHumor. Details of their relationship are not public, especially about what caused their split or when it happened.

In addition to this, there have also been rumours that the “Alita: Battle Angel” actress dated her “Night Owls” co-star Adam Pally. The two neither denied nor confirmed the reports but early reports suggested that the two were actually way more than friends.

Since the actress is not on social media in any capacity, it is hard to know if she is currently dating anyone or not. However, multiple reports claim that Rosa Salazar is currently single. It appears that she has decided that she doesn’t just have time for romantic relationships now, choosing to dedicate all her attention to her work.

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Social media

Rosa Salazar does not have any social media accounts at the moment as she shut them all down for unknown reasons. She deleted her Twitter account long before she deleted her Instagram.

On Instagram, fans will only find social media pages that were set up by fans on behalf of the actress. It is unknown why she took this drastic step, especially since she mentioned in the past that she prefers Instagram to Twitter.

She has also run a blog in the past named The Sargasm. She has now shut it down, most likely due to a busy schedule that does not leave her enough time to maintain a blog.


After Rosa Salazar moved to New York, her career took off because she started taking acting seriously. She worked for CollegeHumor, the internet comedy company that posts videos on YouTube. She also appeared in several of their sketches.

Shortly after that, she also bagged juicy roles on the hit TV shows “American Horror Story: Murder House” and “Parenthood”. Salazar did brilliantly in those two shows, and she bagged roles in the hit film films “The Divergent Series: Insurgent” and “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” in 2015.

In 2019, Salazar gained renown after making her major studio debut in the film “Alita: Battle Angel”. The film is an adaptation of the manga titled “Gunnm”.

Besides acting, she wrote and directed the short film “Good crazy” in 2016, and it was nominated for the Sundance Film Festival Short Film Grand Jury Prize.

She has received other nominations and won many other awards. For her performance in “Night Owls”, she won the Twin Cities Film Fest Breakthrough Achievement Award for Performance. She was also nominated at the Hill Country Film Festival Award for Best Actress for her performance in the film.

For her performance in “Alita: Battle Angel”, she received a nomination at the Imagen Award for Best Actress – Feature Film. In 2013, she lent her voice to the “Batman: Arkham Origins” video game, where she voiced the characters of Copperhead/Train Hostage.

Alita Battle Angel star Rosa Salazar movies, net worth, hot photos, nude
Rosa Salazar as Alita

Rosa Salazar movies and TV shows

Rosa Salazar (some call her Rose Salazar) has appeared in a number of movies since she made her debut on the TV show “Old Friends” in 2010. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of the films and television shows that Salazar has appeared in, the year that the film was aired, and the role that she acted in.


  1. “The Chariot” (2022) – Maria Deschaines
  2. “Pink Skies Ahead” (2020) – Addie
  3. “Alita: Battle Angel” (2019)- Alita
  4. “Bird Box” (2018)- Lucy
  5. “The Kindergarten Teacher” (2018)- Becca
  6. “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” (2018)- Brenda
  7. “CHiPs” (2017)- Ava Perez
  8. “Submerged” (2016)- Amanda
  9. “Good Crazy” (2016) – Rosa
  10. “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” (2015)- Brenda
  11. “Night Owls” (2015)- Madeline
  12. “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling” (2015) – Girl watching GoT
  13. “The Divergent Series: Insurgent” (2015)- Lynn
  14. “Search Party” (2014)- Pocahontas
  15. “Jamesy Boy” (2014)- Crystal
  16. “Epic” (2013)- Roller Derby Girl
  17. “Plan B” (2013) – Steph
  18. “Boomerang” (2013) – Olive Chatsworth
  19. “Fortunate Son” (2012) – Elisa
  20. “Looper: Baldness Anxiety” (2012)
  21. “Little Brother” (2011) – Odetta

TV shows

  1. “Brand New Cherry Flavor” (2021) – Lisa Nova
  2. “Star Trek: Short Treks” (2019) – Captain Lynne Lucero
  3. “Undone” (2019) – Alma(voice)
  4. “Big Mouth” (2017) – Ms. Benitez (voice)
  5. “Man Seeking Woman” (2016) – Rosa
  6. “Comedy Bang! Bang!” (2016) – Camper
  7. “China, IL” (2015) – Barb (voice)
  8. “Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories” (2015) – Lucy
  9. “Hunt the Truth” (2015) – Bostwick
  10. “The Pro” (2014) – Jamie Schoonmaker
  11. “Nuclear Family” (2013) – Rebecca
  12. “Body of Proof” (2013) – Ramona Delgado
  13. “Hello Ladies” (2013) – Heaven
  14. “Sketchy” (2013)
  15. “Stevie TV” (2012) – Various characters
  16. “Ben and Kate” (2012) – Molly
  17. “Car-Jumper” (2012) – Agent Mindy
  18. “Parenthood” (2011) – Zoe DeHaven
  19. “American Horror Story: Murder House” (2011)- Nurse Maria
  20. “Law & Order: LA” (2011)- Yolanda
  21. “CollegeHumor” (2010-) (web series)
  22. “Old Friends” (2010) – Dog walker

Rosa Salazar net worth

Rosa Salazar has earned a tidy sum, majorly from her work in film. The actress has also filmed some commercials for major brands including, Coach and Microsoft. Thanks to her work, she has earned herself a net worth of 4 million dollars ($4 million), according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Alita Battle Angel star Rosa Salazar movies, net worth, hot photos, nude

Rosa Salazar nude/hot photos

Following her nude scenes with actor Adam Pally in the “Night Owls” movie, there have been rise in searches for Rosa Salazar hot photos on the internet. The steamy scenes from the movie itself have been cut and put on adult film websites.


Rosa Salazar went through a rough patch during the earlier parts of her life. She spoke about how she went through a hard time because of the kind of men her mother married. She was also emancipated at 15, and she had to leave home, a hard feat for anyone to go through.

Through it all though, she chased her dreams and made the best of the situation, making herself into a formidable actress. Thanks to her tenaciousness, Salazar has been able to rewrite her story, becoming successful even in the face of adversity.

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