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All you need to know about Isaiah ‘Izzy’ Stannard: Career, gender, networth

Born on October 1st 2004, Isaiah ‘Izzy’ Stannard is an American actor mostly known for his role as Ben Marks in the NBC American comedy-drama and crime television series, Good Girls. The 16 year old thespian is an offspring of Eric Stannard, an editor at Springer, and Kristin Johansen who is also an actor, singer and dancer. Before we dive in, let’s explore ten facts we know about Isaiah Izzy Stannard.

Ten facts about Isaiah ‘Izzy’ Stannard you need to know

  1. Izzy Stannard will be 17 years old on his birthday on 1 October 2021.
  2. Though he was born as a female, he was named Isaiah which is typically a masculine name.
  3. Izzy has completed high school and also attended a school of professional performing arts, but is yet to go to college.
  4. His favorite meal is Italian cuisine.
  5. Isaiah is also a trained voice actor and dancer.
  6. To the best of public knowledge, he has no known romantic partner.
  7. At age 11, Izzy expressed his desire to be referred to as a male, and has since transitioned.
  8. He is a lover of pets, and enjoys cycling.
  9. Izzy is worth around $50,000 according to the a recent report from thefrisky.
  10. His character in the TV series Good Girls was in fact written to fit his reality as a transgender child.

Get to know Isaiah Stannard

Izzy is arguably one of the most loved teenage actors at the moment. He is admired for his superb acting prowess, charm, and heartwarming smile. He is fast becoming a favourite especially among teens across the USA. Though the actor was shot to the limelight by his role in Good Girls, he has been around for long. He was first known through his role alongside Ben Stiller in the 2017 comedy-drama movie Brad’s Status. He also played a role in a drama titled Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

With perfect blonde hair and hazel green eyes, Izzy Stannard is without a doubt considered as a very attractive person. It is hard to argue that his good looks have not been an added advantage to his good acting performances.

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Isaiah Stannard personal life

Although born to Eric Stannard and Kristin Johansen, Isaiah is being parented by his mother, Kristin and her partner Warren Mash. He was born in New York where he spent most of his childhood. Izzy had a normal childhood, and showed interest in acting from very early in his life. He has completed his high school education and also attended a school of professional performing arts. The most talked about aspect of his personal life however, is the question of his gender. This has been a topic for debate, as people seek to know if he is male or female.

The Good Girls star loves to dance, go cycling, and play the guitar in his free time. He is a lover of pets, adores Italian cuisine, and the colour blue. So far, little is known of his love life to the public.

Isaiah Stannard education

Izzy is a high school graduate, and he also attended a school of performing arts where he bettered his acting skills. The budding actor also got trained in voice acting and dancing.

Acting Career

Almost a decade ago, Izzy was an upcoming child actor with a number of roles already in the bag. He had begun to slowly establish himself as a rising star, and in the minds of movie lovers. He played a role in the project called Charlie (generally considered to be his first acting role) and did well. His first role in a movie however came in the movie Party Dress where he stared as Harper Klein. He was loved and widely praised for his humour. In 2015, his role in the short drama, Star Stuff showed great potential and didn’t go unnoticed.

He also showed his voice acting skills in the movie. He soon appeared along Ben Stiller in the movie Brad’s Status where he further impressed and proved himself. His role as Ben Marks in Good Girls needs no introduction, as it is his most famous one yet.

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The series which returned for its fourth season in March 2021 is a fans’ favourite. It follows the story of “three suburban Michigan mothers, two of whom are sisters, who are having a hard time trying to make ends meet. They are tired of having everything taken away from them so they decide to pull off an unlikely heist by robbing a supermarket, only to discover that they are in for more than they expected.” Izzy stars as Sadie, a girl who eventually comes out as transgender male in the 2nd season as Ben Marks.

Isaiah Stannard
Isaiah Stannard stars as Ben Marks in Good Girls

In 2020, when asked in an interview on The Dev Show if there was something he wished he had known before going into acting, Izzy said there wasn’t, and that the most challenging part for him as an actor was having to travel so often and be away from home.

Speaking on his first day ever on set, which he claims to vaguely remember in details because a lot was happening so quickly, Izzy says he wasn’t so nervous, as he had only one line to deliver in the scene that was being shot. Izzy also had a word budding actors who are trying to find their feet in the industry.

He admonished them to not get discouraged by not getting roles, saying he suffered the same fate for many years. “Don’t take it personally when you don’t get roles” he said, “I would just say not to give up because I feel like it’s very easy to get discouraged, especially when you are auditioning a lot. I auditioned for years before I really got anything. It’s so easy to be like, ‘I’m just bad or they don’t like me.’ There’s so many reasons [to not get cast], but just don’t take that personally… the perfect role for you will come eventually.”

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The topic of Izzy’s gender has been the most popular subject surrounding the young actor. It is interesting that although he was born as a girl, he was given the name Isaiah. As the child grew, he progressively identified as male, and around the age of 11, he made it publicly known that his pronouns were now he/him, and will be like to be addressed as such.

Sadie in Good Girls

Izzy played the role of Sadie in the television series, Good Girls. Sadie’s role was written as girl who got bullied at school. Unbeknownst to the show runners, it coincided with Izzy’s transitioning to male. This eventually became an important piece of the show. The creator of the show, Jenna Bans decided to rewrite Izzy’s role in the story to fit into the reality of a non-gender conforming child. To achieve this, the film crew worked closely with an American organization run by the LGBTQ community. Bans said in an interview that learning about Izzy’s transitioning made her realize the importance of telling such stories. Izzy who started the series as Sadie (a girl) soon came out as a transgender male in the second season. He ultimately became Ben Marks.

Net worth

As of 2020, Isaiah Stannard was worth $50,000, and estimated to make around $100 an hour. Acting is currently his main source of income.

We wish the young actor continued success and advancement in his career. He sure has what it takes to reach the very peak.

Ayoola Ajayi
Ayoola is a nonfiction writer from the SouthWestern state of Ekiti, Nigeria. His experience spans almost a decade, working in different fields and capacities in the writing industry. He currently plies his trade at Sidomex Universal as a content contributor.



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