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Emily Hampshire: Everything you need to know about “Schitt’s Creek” Stevie Budd

Emily Hampshire is a Canadian actress who has made a profound mark in television since she launched her professional career in 1996. She is best known for the 1998 fantasy romantic comedy “Boy Meets Girl”, 2012 comedy romance “My Awkward Sexual Adventure”, and 2015 television sitcom “Schitt’s Creek”.

After starring in many Canadian movies and conquering that space, Hampshire moved to America in 2007, where she continued to be a trailblazer. She has achieved so many feats, won countless awards and making herself and her family proud while doing what she loves.

Top 10 facts about Emily Hampshire

  1. Emily Hampshire was born in 1981 and is currently 38 years old in 2021.
  2. She is Canadian, and only she became an American citizen in 2014.
  3. She relocated from Montreal to Toronto when she was 16 years old to pursue acting.
  4. She got an offer from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, but she never attended the school because it conflicted with a film opportunity.
  5. Emily Hampshire also sings, lending her voice to some of the soundtracks on Schitt’s Creek.
  6. Hampshire has been married to former football player turned agent Matthew Smith from 2006 to 2014.
  7. Hampshire has claimed that she does not enjoy leaving her house but enjoys shopping for beauty products.
  8. She learned pole dancing for her role in “My Awkward Sexual Adventure”.
  9. She was engaged to singer and songwriter Teddy Geiger in November 2018 before they ended their engagement in June 2019.
  10. Emily Hampshire identifies as Pansexual, and she came out in an Instagram post in May 2019.

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Early life

Just like almost every other actress, not much is known about Emily Hampshire’s family background and early life. In fact, it is unclear if she was born in 1981 or 1982, as Toronto Star said she was 30 years old in a 2012 article.

Emily Hampshire biography: Schitt's Creek Stevie Budd, pregnant, partner
Actress Emily Hampshire posing in a photoshoot

Other online sources are unsure about her exact date of birth, with some listing her birth date as 1981 or 1982, while others are more definitive, stating that Emily Hampshire was born on 29 August 1981.

Going by the latter, this means that the actress is 40 years old in 2021. Emily Hampshire was born in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. Despite the fact that a lot about her is unknown, lots of information about her life is still very much available to the public.

Her father was a dentist, and Hampshire is the only public figure in her family. Not much is known about them, as she prefers to keep her family life private.

After attending a performance of “Les Miserables” with her mother at the age of 11, she became interested in acting and did not hide this fact. Her mother persuaded her to attend the Queen of Angels Academy in Montreal, and although she did not initially like this school, certain occurrences changed her mind.

After the school’s vice-principal, Wanda Swiderski, encouraged her love of acting by praising her performance, she slowly became more accepting and allowed herself to develop affection for the school.

The performance that earned her this praise from the vice-principal took place when Hampshire was in eleventh grade. She played Anne Shirley in “Anne of Green Gables”. In 2009, Hampshire invited her former vice-principal to the premiere of her film “The Trotsky”, which was most likely a way for Hampshire to both thank her and show her that she had started to get something out of her acting career.

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Emily Hampshire began her acting career when she was 14. In 1994, she played the role of Sandy in the TV series “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”. Two years later, she played the role of Heather in the same show.

At 16, Emily Hampshire packed her bags, left home, and moved to Toronto to pursue a full-time acting career. During this time, she was offered admission into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, but she turned down the offer to pursue a film opportunity instead.

Hampshire appeared in her first film in 1996. The film was titled “Dead Innocent”, and was released before Hampshire moved to Toronto. Oscar nominee Genevieve Bujold played Hampshire’s mother in the film, and later took Hampshire under her wing.

Emily Hampshire movies and TV shows

Emily Hampshire has been in a number of movies and television shows, with an overwhelming amount of them being on TV.

She appeared in a total of 21 movies from 1997 to 2018, the most notable of them being 1998’s “Boy Meets Girl”, 2006’s “It’s a Boy Girl Thing”, 2012’s “My Awkward Sexual Adventure”, and 2015-2018 “Schitt’s Creek”.

Emily Hampshire biography: Schitt's Creek Stevie Budd, pregnant, partner

After playing Angela Milleflores in “Boy Meets Girl”, Hampshire said that she began getting more quirky roles, which she liked. On moving to Los Angeles in the US, her former co-star, Alan Rickman, became her mentor and introduced her to giants in Hollywood.

She has also acted in various voice acting roles, including “Ruby Gloom” and “Anne of the Green Gables”. She was also the voice of Chloe in “Carl Square”, of Starr in “6Teen”, and Alyson’ in “Braceface”.

In addition to ‘Schitt’s Creek’, she has also appeared on a host of other TV series including “12 Monkeys”, “Are You Afraid of the Dark”, “Made in Canada”, “La Femme Nikita”, “Earthsea”, “Man Seeking Woman”, among others.

One thing that remains a constant through her roles is the praise that Emily Hampshire receives for her acting, convincing everyone that pays attention to movies that she is incredibly good at what she does.

Emily Hampshire has also been nominated for many awards, and she has won a handful of others. In 2001, Hampshire and the rest of the cast won the Gemini award for Best Ensemble Performance in a Comedy Program or Series for the movie “Made in Canada”.

She was also awarded the Tribute to Canadian Talent at the Canadian Diamond Awards in 2012. After her appearance in “My Awkward Sexual Adventure”, she was awarded the award for Best Female Performance in a Feature at the Canadian Comedy Awards in 2013.

At the 2015 Golden Maple Awards, she awarded the Newcomer of the year in a TV series broadcasted in the US following her performances in “12 Monkeys” and “Schitt’s Creek”.

For her role as Stevie Budd in “Schitt’s Creek”, she received the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role or Guest Role in a Comedic Series at the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Canadian Screen Awards in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 respectively. An impressive feat indeed!

In 2020, Hampshire received a nomination alongside the rest of the cast for their outstanding performance in the show. They were nominated at the Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series for “Schitt’s Creek”. Unfortunately, they did not win this award.

The following year, however, they received another nomination for the same award, and this time, the cast took home the SAG award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

Stevie Budd in Schitt’s Creek

Emily Hampshire played the character of Stevie Budd in “Schitt’s Creek”, and it ended up being one of her most acclaimed roles yet. She has received the award for best actress at the Canadian Screen Awards five times in a row, thanks to this role.

Stevie Dudd is portrayed as an introverted, laid-back character who dresses casually, drives a well-used car, and generally doesn’t take herself too seriously. As the character develops, Stevie can be seen maturing a little more, but she never deviates from her original character.

Stevie Budd starts as a clerk and employee at the Rosebud Motel, but she ends up owning it outright, managing it with her partner, Johnny.

Emily Hampshire biography: Schitt's Creek Stevie Budd, pregnant, partner
Hampshire in Schitt’s Creek

Emily Hampshire has received praise for this role, including those from several fans, for the way she portrayed Stevie Budd on the show.

Although “Schitt’s Creek” has come to an end, with its final season winning a host of awards at the 2020 Emmy Awards, Hampshire definitely has a bright future in the entertainment industry.

My Awkward Sexual Adventure

“My Awkward Sexual Adventure” is a 2012 Canadian comedy film that features Hampshire in the lead role. In this movie, an awkward and conservative accountant hires an exotic dancer to teach him tricks to help him convince his ex-girlfriend to get back together with him.

The film premiered at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival, and Hampshire’s performance received a positive review, with critics calling her acting “a winning performance”.

Personal life

Emily Hampshire partner 

As has been mentioned many times, Emily Hampshire has only gone public with two relationships in her life. She married football player Matthew Smith in 2006. Smith later became a football agent at the William Morris talent agency.

Emily Hampshire and Matthew Smith

Emily Hampshire and former partner, Matthew Smith
Emily Hampshire and former partner, Matthew Smith

However, the two divorced in 2014, shortly before Hampshire was cast in “Schitt’s Creek”. There was no reason given for their breakup after nearly eight years of living together. In 2007, while Hampshire and Smith were married, she moved to America from Canada and continued to shuttle between the two countries for work.

In September 2018, Hampshire announced that she and singer and songwriter, Teddy Geiger were dating. Three months after they made their initial announcement, the couple shared that they were engaged. Nine months after their engagement announcement, however, they broke up in June 2019.

Emily Hampshire and Teddy Geiger
Emily Hampshire and Teddy Geiger

Is Emily Hampshire pregnant?

Emily Hampshire has only been romantically linked to two people, at least publicly. She married Matthew Smith in 2006 but the two divorced shortly after.

In 2018, Hampshire got engaged to Teddy Geiger, but they ended their engagement after seven months.

After her broken engagement, Hampshire has stayed quiet about her love life. She has never announced a pregnancy, and she does not have any children.

Net worth

Apart from being an actress, Emily Hampshire is also a writer and producer. She produced the 2020 movie “Home”, starring Kathy Bates and chronicling the journey of an ex-prisoner who comes face to face with the demons from his past.

Hampshire has almost 80 movies to her credit, and in 2021, it was announced that she would be starring in, co-writing, and producing a reboot of “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman” for Sony Pictures.

Thanks to all this hard work, Hampshire has a net worth of 3 million dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth.


Emily Hampshire has been lucky to be one of those people who discovered what they wanted to with their lives pretty early on. For Emily, that happened when she was 11 years old.

Since then, she has relentlessly pursued the things that she wanted, and has done very well for herself. Her acting prowess has been praised, and she has appeared in over 80 movies and TV shows.

As for her love life, she has only been in public relationships two times and has no children. However, she continues to thrive, focusing her attention on her work.

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