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Twitch streamer Mizkif Biography: real name, family, girlfriend, career and net worth

Do you know that popular American online Twitch streamer, Mizkif, who was born on 16 February 1995 as Matthew Rinaudo is also one of the founding members of gaming organisation “One True King”?

Well, it’s one of the many things he is famous for as a creative. Mizkif started streaming in 2016, and until 2018, it was only to a relatively small community. He, however, became famous for serving as a cameraman for fellow streamer Ice Poseidon.

His journey took a rather awkward turn as he decided to live out his childhood dream of becoming a content creator after a life-threatening incident. He got his big break in 2018 after he began making his ‘Who is – ?’ joke streamer biographic video series. As a result, his channel gradually grew tremendously, which prompted him to start streaming full-time.

Mizkif sister name is Emily Rinaudo, a famous online personality too. We will look at several important facts about the professional gamer and Twitch streamer in this article. Let’s get started with a summary of his life.

Top 10 interesting facts about Mizkif

  1. Mizkif real name is Matthew Rinaudo, and he was born on 16 February 1995, and he grew up in Montclair, New Jersey.
  2. He is an American citizen and has two siblings, the famous Instagram personality Emily Rinaudo and a younger brother.
  3. He was once a drug dealer, taking over the business from his brother before he got convicted for it.
  4. Mizkif began streaming officially in 2016.
  5. He also once checked in to a psychiatric hospital.
  6. During the 2020 United States Presidential Election, Mizkif was the third most-watched Twitch streamer.
  7. He once held a charity stream for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and his community managed to raise over $20,000. The money raised from the stream helped fund a trip to Walt Disney World for a child with leukaemia.
  8. Mizkif has a heart condition known as viral myocarditis.
  9. He has been dating fellow Twitch streamer and wildlife rehabilitator Maya Higa since 2019, and the pair plan to get married in a few years.
  10. Mizkif once revealed he made half a million on Twitch while answering a question from a fan.

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Early life and family

Mizkif and his sister Emily Rinaudo
Mizkif and his sister Emily Rinaudo

Mizkif real name is Matthew Rinaudo, born on 16 February 1995, and he grew up in Montclair, New Jersey. He has a sister named Emily Rinaudo and a younger brother as well. In the early 2010s, Mizkif got into some vices, which included peddling drugs.

He stated on a live stream that he used to be “the biggest drug dealer” in his city, and he took over the drug business from his brother. He also claimed he was arrested for it. While growing up, he suffered from ADHD and a heart condition.

Mizkif sister

Mizkif sister name is Emily Rinaudo
Mizkif sister, Emily Rinaudo

Famous Instagram personality, model, YouTuber, and adult film star, Emily Rinaudo, is Matthew Rinaudo, aka Mizkif sister. She was born on 22 January 1996 in Chesapeake, Virginia, United States.

She became famous on Instagram for her sexy physique as well as the many pictures of her in a bikini or lingerie she constantly posts. Emily is being managed as a model by @bookedbykelvin, who is a talent manager.

Emily has been active in modelling and film shooting since 2017 and has garnered many followers since then. She has multiple social media accounts, with her IG currently boasting more than 172k followers on her current account. Mizkif sister’s former account got banned at 270k followers after being found to have violated Instagram’s community policy.

She also has accounts on TwitterTikTokVenmoOnlyfans, among others. Occasionally, she would also appear on her brother’s Twitch live stream.

Emily started her modelling career in 2015, where she joined Model Mayhem to build her portfolio. She was able to work alongside other models as well as top photographers while she was there. She also started a YouTube vlog in 2017, where she posts random videos of herself.



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Mizkif started his career in online game streaming in 2016, but before then, he has always dreamed of finding a way to make people laugh, and social media provided him with various platforms.

In his late teens, Mizkif decided to pursue a career that would enable him to earn money, and he enrolled in college for a business degree. However, he passed out from doing drugs a few days before college.

He decided to start content creation in 2016, and that was how his journey to stardom in the gaming universe began. He started with YouTube and would make funny videos by himself about various streamers. In the first few months, his channel took off drastically after some friends he made encouraged others to watch his videos. He then transitioned to Twitch to be able to monetize his content.

In 2017, Mizkif stopped streaming for some time after encountering serious health problems, and he returned in 2018 with his ‘Who is – ?’ joke streamer biographic video series. His channel started to grow even bigger, prompting him to begin streaming full-time.

Mizkif banned


Mizkif’s stream is not appropriate for children, and has violated a few policies over time, which has resulted in several bans. In 2019, he and fellow streamer Esfand were issued a seven-day ban from Twitch after the pair were found to have made inappropriate comments towards a female streamer Meowri at PAX East.

For full-time streamers, getting banned leaves a dent in income, potential business dealings, and even their reputations. As for Mizkif and Esfand, the PAX incident between them and Meowri was for the sake of humour.

Meowri said she got her lawyers involved to help get some footage of the incident off Twitch, and it’s nothing related to being sexually harassed.

“I just wanted that [footage] taken down,” she said. “I never filed for sexual harassment.”

Mizkif and Esfand have since returned to Twitch after serving their ban with a warm welcome from their communities, and without having lost any publicly-known sponsorship or brand deals.


On 23 February 2020, Mizkif was hit with a temporary ban for accidentally violating the platform’s guidelines surrounding nudity on-stream, and he took full responsibility afterwards.

Mizkif, who is known mainly for his regular IRL and Just Chatting broadcasts, with a variety of gaming streams included, during the last moments of his stream, flicked over to Twitter which showed something else accidentally- explicit content in reply to her joke.

He was soon online again less than half an hour later, but he revealed days later he was terrified about the ban.

Mizkif Twitch

Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo is arguably one of the biggest Twitch streamers in the world. His account on the platform has over 1.5 million followers, and that’s an extremely large fanbase putting him among the elite category.

Mizkif once revealed that back in April 2021, he made half a million dollars. He announced this earning while answering a viewer’s question.

Mizkif YouTube

The online streamer also has a large fanbase on YouTube with over 463K subscribers on his verified channel on the platform. You can click HERE to check his YouTube channel out.

Personal life

Matthew Rinaudo Mizkif, Twitch banned, Twitter, sister name, net worth
Mizkif at the gym working out

Many details about the life of popular Twitch streamer, Mizkif, is private, but we do know he is American, raised in New Jersey, and that he has two siblings. His sister is a famous Instagram personality Emily Rinaudo who is also a model and adult film actor.

Unlike many others in his line of work, Mizkif is pretty much laid back. He doesn’t like an extravagant lifestyle, and he keeps it simple instead.

Mizkif girlfriend

Mizkif and girlfriend Maya Higa
Framed photo of Mizkif and girlfriend Maya Higa

Mizkif and American conservationist, falconer, wildlife rehabilitator, and Twitch streamer Maya Higa have been long-time lovers. Their relationship started in 2019. Both of them are famous Twitch streamers known to tell very interesting tales while chatting to their followers online.

According to Mizkif, the pair plans to get married in a couple of years.

Net worth

The famous Twitch streamer Mizkif net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, according to SportsKeeda.


Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo has been many things so far, but he’s showed he is a perfect example of someone who can turn their life around and in the right direction apparently. This was someone who claimed to be a big drug peddler during his late teens, but after a near-death experience, he was able to rethink his purpose and get on the right path eventually.

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