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Tiny Texie biography: facts about adult film star, net worth, relationship and more

Tiny Texie is an American adult entertainer, model, dancer, and social media influencer. She was born on 25 January 1992. Tiny is known for her unusually small stature of 3 feet and 6 inches. Lovers of adult movies know her quite well for her roles in the midget category. She has however spread her tentacles far beyond adult entertainment. The 29-year-old mother of one has carved a niche for herself as a social media influencer and entertainer. This accounts for a huge chunk of her popularity on the internet as she boasts millions of followers and interactions across her social media platforms.

As you can guess, with this fame comes curiosity and the prying eyes of the public. People want to know much more about the star beyond the entertainment and what she posts on social media. A lot of fans’ questions beg for answers, and in this article, we aim to provide answers to the most asked questions about her. We will provide all the information available to the public about Tiny Texie. To start with, let’s take a look at top ten facts about Tiny Tixie.

10 interesting facts about Tiny Texie

  1. Tiny Tixie clocked 29 years old in January of 2021.

2. She is the smallest adult dancer in the world.

3. Tiny Tixie is 3 feet and 6 inches tall in height.

4. She loves cooking as well as photography.

5. Tiny Texie is a mother and has a daughter.

6. She is in a relationship with reality TV star Anastasia Graves.

7. Tiny was born with the Kenny-Caffey and hereditary skeletal disorder.

8. She has close to 5 million followers on her TikTok and Instagram accounts combined, with over 53 million interactions.

9. Texie also works as a model and has appeared on several magazine covers across the United States.

10. The star entertainer has also tried to foray into acting and was a cast member in Extreme Love.

Tiny Tixie early life and education

Although Tiny has become quite famous in recent years, and progressively so, almost nothing is known about the adult entertainer’s personal life or background. She was born on 25 January 1992 in Corpus Christi, Texas. She was born with a rare condition called the Kenny-Caffey Syndrome. Due to the disease’s hindrance of bone development and physical growth, Tiny has remained tiny and is usually mistaken for a child. There isn’t much known about her childhood, her family, and what it was like growing up with her condition.

Likewise, there is no information at this moment about her schooling and how much education she was able to acquire.

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Tiny’s emergence into the limelight began back in 2015 when she began to participate in beauty competitions. After this, she ventured into modeling and has appeared on the front pages of magazines like the Entertainer Magazine in Florida, USA, and Inked Magazine.

The petite entertainer also performs in clubs and makes public appearances as an adult dancer. It is unclear when her adult film career started, but Tiny also made a name for herself in the adult entertainment industry. Her viral videos can be seen on many adult sites.

Tiny Texie in action

Tiny put social media to productive use and has built quite a community and brand across her Instagram and Tik Tok accounts. She started making TikTok videos a while ago and has garnered a followership of almost 5 million on the video-sharing app. Her videos typically go viral and have attracted a whopping 53 million likes on TikTok. She also has over 400,000 followers on Instagram. She showcases her dancing skills and great sense of humor alongside her daughter who also sometimes joins in to participate in some challenges.

Tiny Texie also found a path in television at some point in her career. The mother of one was featured in the Extreme Love show alongside her girlfriend, Anastasia. The reality TV show premiered in January 2020 on WETV.

It is safe to say Tiny Texie is an all-round entertainer. She dances, acts, models, and is a great showwoman. A lot of fans love her for her great sense of humour too and have suggested that she will put in a good shift as a comedian.

Tiny Texie disorder and personal life

Tiny was born with a health condition named the Kenny-Caffey Syndrome. It is an extremely rare hereditary skeletal disorder characterized by thin marrow cavities in the bones, thickening of the long bones, and abnormalities that affect the head and eyes. The primary outcome of this disorder is a short stature of adult height ranging from 48 to 59 inches. Intelligence is usually normal. The syndrome affects both males and females in the same way. It is for the most part incurable, and the treatments are generally based on the symptoms experienced by the person experiencing it.

This condition accounts for Tiny’s 3 feet and 6 inches stature, and her 35 kg weight. She however has not allowed her condition to define or deter her. She holds her head high and just does her thing. Her spirit and cheerfulness are contagious which has made her a fan favorite of millions of social media users around the world. This reflects in her ever-growing social media numbers.

Texie has a daughter. She has however kept the details of her child’s father and conception under wraps as of the time of the report. From what can be seen on her social media, she and her daughter have a friendly and amazing relationship.

Sexuality and love life

As for her love life, Tiny Texie is currently in a relationship with co reality TV star and makeup artist Anastasia Graves. This would suggest that Texie is bisexual, since she has conceived a child by a man in the past. Tiny has, however, on a few occasions before, admitted to being bisexual.

Her relationship with Anastasia has its challenges due to Texie’s size. Sadly, majority of their struggles are posed by the public. Speaking on their relationship on the reality TV show, Extreme Love, Anastasia had this to say: “My worst one is when they come up and they’re like, ‘why do you let your daughter dress like that? Or ‘why does your daughter have makeup on?’

People just look at us like that’s not acceptable, that’s not okay… We have tough times. Not a lot of people are okay with us being together. Not a lot of people are okay with us being gay,” Tiny added, buttressing Ana’s point.

Tiny Texie
Tiny Texie and girlfriend, Anastasia

“Really, I don’t get the gay thing. I get the pervert. I get called a pervert every single day, and it’s hard. And I’ve had to walk away from situations when people say ‘you’re pervert, there’s something wrong with you, and you’re disgusting… But I can’t let that bother me, because in all reality I’ve been made fun of my whole life too. When someone’s challenging you saying what you’re doing is wrong or how you feel is wrong, you kind of want to fight for it even harder,” Anastasia concluded.

Tiny Texie net worth

As of 2021, Tiny Texie is estimated to be worth around $500,000. Her main source of income is her social media influencing work. She earns the bulk of her money from hosting advertisements for brands and sponsorships.


Tiny Texie is an inspiration to anyone who has been disadvantaged in some way by natural causes. The entertainer has looked inward and risen above her physical limitations and she is thriving. She represents an entire demographic of small women on social media, and her fans adore her for her authentic and genuine personality. Truly, the sky is just the beginning for her, and we wish her continued success in her endeavors.

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