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Who is Danielley Ayala? – Instagram model and influencer, see facts and bio

Danielley Ayala is a popular Instagram lingerie and swimsuit model, and a makeup artist with a very large following on social media. She is a highly rated influencer and socialite with several corporate brands working with her to promote their products.

Ayala is one of the leading American Instagram beauty and fashion influencers. She was rumored to be dating Peter Shelegin, another social media celebrity. Another rampant rumor about her includes her getting an augmentation mammoplasty, a cosmetic surgery done to enlarge and enhance the breasts.

She is popular for her witty and quick clap back at internet trolls on her social media pages. Ayala also has a page on Boobpedia, a free and user-editable encyclopedia of women with big boobs. Additionally, she is said to have an OnlyFans page hosting a ton of her adult content. Let’s take a look at the details and available facts about her in this article.

Top ten facts about Danielley Ayala

  1. Danielley Ayala is 27 years old and was born on 23 February 1994 in the United States to Puerto Rican and Russian parents, although, she can speak neither language.
  2. She spent most of her life living between New York and Los Angeles, but she moved permanently to Miami when she was on her own.
  3. Ayala is a graduate of Make-up Designory (MUD) in Los Angeles and a professionally trained makeup and hairstylist.
  4. She started pursuing a career in makeup in 2017 but couldn’t find her way into the film industry, instead, she got to work with small-time models.
  5. In late 2018 and early 2019, Ayala dropped makeup and joined Found Model Management, a premier agency, as a model.
  6. Her 32DDD large breasts have made her a popular social media celebrity and her Instagram following has grown to over 5 million.
  7. Additionally, she operates an OnlyFans account that has so far gotten 513.9K likes from 826 posts.
  8. The model has two pet dogs named Sonic and Brody, and they have an Instagram page of their own.
  9. Ayala was rumored to be in a relationship with makeup artist Peter Shelegin between 2015 and 2017.
  10. She had an augmentation mammoplasty surgery because she had G and H cup breasts as a teenager and they caused her severe back problems.

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Danielley Ayala early life and education


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Danielley Ayala was born on 23 February 1994 in the United States to Puerto Rican and Russian parents. She grew up in New York and Los Angeles. There is no information about her family or siblings online. It appears that prior to 2017, Ayala was using a different Instagram account. This makes it difficult to pinpoint from which particular school she graduated.

However, after high school, she enrolled at Make-up Designory (MUD) in Los Angeles to learn professional makeup and cosmetics. It was here that she perfected her skills.



Ayala has hinted on several occasions that makeup and the beauty industry has always been her dream from childhood. In her teenage years, she practiced makeup at every opportunity she got. Thus, after her certification from MUD, she went into her career full-time.

Likely, she tried breaking into the film industry’s makeup business but she was unsuccessful. Her makeup school, MUD, had produced the likes of Hugo Villasenor, who worked on popular films such as “The Conjuring 2”, “Anabelle: Creation”, and “Star Trek: Discovery”.

Not giving up on her dream, Ayala sought other means to break into this highly competitive business. She chose to use social media to push herself. In an Instagram post in 2018, she said: “… my page is going in a completely makeup fashion-driven direction now to express myself.” She also posted pictures of some of her early works in a bid to get more people to work with.

Not long after, she started working with some models like Parsons, Andrew Beasley, Sydney Nichole and Tayla Parx. Additionally, she promoted beauty product brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Benefit Cosmetics. It is not clear if these brands paid her for the promotions. A few months after she started focusing on makeup, she found her way into the modelling industry.


Danielley Ayala joined Found Model Management, a premier agency, as a model. Her unusually large breasts immediately made her a favorite online when she started posting pictures that showed them off. Her Instagram followers also started rising steadily.

It appears that she has since left the makeup business and focused on modelling instead. She works for brands marketing lingerie, beach wears, swimsuits and more.

Danielley Ayala tits, nude, reddit, topless, Danielleyayalaa Instagram
Danielley Ayala modelling a swimsuit

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Danielley Ayala tits and physical appearance

There has been a lot of attention on Danielley Ayala’s boobs since she began showing them off online. She even has a page on Boobpedia, a free and user-editable encyclopedia of women with big boobs. In a YouTube Vlog, Ayala claimed that she had an augmentation mammoplasty surgery because she had G and H cup breasts as a teenager and they caused her severe back problems. She had her breasts reduced and lifted them to a 32DDD.

Apart from her tits, Ayala is regarded as a very beautiful woman. She has a height of about 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) and weighs 143 pounds (65 kg). Her body measurements include 40-26-36 for her chest, waist and hips respectively.

She appears to have an infinity or mask tattoo on her left wrist and another beneath her right breast. There are four others that are hidden from the public view.

Personal life

While Danielley Ayala grew up in New York, she has spent most of her adulthood in Los Angeles. Currently, she lives in Miami. She has two pet dogs Sonic and Brody, she has a section on her page dedicated to photos and videos of her beautiful pets and created their own page as well.

Danielley Ayala tits, nude, reddit, topless, Danielleyayalaa Instagram
Danielley Ayala with Sonic and Brody

In 2015, she was romantically linked with Peter Shelegin.

Peter Shelegin (boyfriend)

Shelegin is a fashion designer and a social media celebrity rumored to be dating Danielley Ayala in 2015. Ayala started posting pictures of herself with Shelegin at outdoor locations to further intensify the dating rumors. However, she never confirmed that they were dating.

In March 2017, in one of her Insta Stories’ posts, the model said that she had been with Selegin for two years. She refused to answer inquiries about their relationship status. The post seemed to mark the end of their relationship because he stopped appearing in her photos after that.

Since then, she has only posted about herself, beauty brands, her interests and her friends. Her interests include photography, holiday trips, and films. She is also a gym enthusiast and she rarely misses her workout routine.

According to a post, her favorite actor is the comic Ryan Reynolds, popular for his role as Marvel Comics character Deadpool. Ayala claims that she loves Brie Larson, who plays Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film franchise.

Ayala is good friends with Sophie Mudd, another model who also posts adult content on her OnlyFans page.

Social Media

She is most active on Instagram and her verified account @danielleyayalaa has grown to 5.2 million followers. The model has a weekly YouTube Vlog channel with 26.3K subscribers and just two videos. There are several fake social media accounts using the name ‘Danielleyayalaa’ or ‘Danielle yayalaa’ posing as the socialite. These appear to be all fake.

Danielley Ayala Reddit

A Reddit page created in August 2020 also parades itself as a legit Danielley Ayala page but this is fake as well. Most of its content was removed by Reddit in response to a copyright notice.

Net worth

The makeup artist and fashion designer is estimated to have a net worth of about $200,000. We do not trust this figure because it comes from an untrusted source and is likely to be unverified.


At the beginning of 2021, Ayala had about 2 million followers on her Instagram page and that has grown to more than 5 million in just a matter of two months. This puts her among the fastest growing Instagram accounts and further solidifies her influencer status as well.

Her OnlyFans page has garnered 513.9K likes from 826 posts. She uses the page to get to know her fans more on a personal level. She is now more active on the platform than on Instagram. Ayala says in her page description: “I answer every single DM and love hearing from you guys. I upload 1-5 times a day so that everyone is happy. I can’t wait to have you guys join. [sic]”

Her journey into the modelling industry from being a makeup artist has been impressive. She is earning most of her money from brand promotion, lingerie modelling and OnlyFans subscriptions.

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