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Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones drummer dies at 80; see 5 facts about him

Charlie Watts dies at 80, the Rolling Stones drummer is considered one of the most important figures in the history of rock ’n’ roll, see 5 facts about him here.

According to Charlie Watts spokesperson, the influential drummer died at a London hospital on Tuesday, 24 August 2021, surrounded by his family.

Charlie was a cherished husband, father and grandfather and also as a member of The Rolling Stones, one of the greatest drummers of his generation,” the statement said.

The Rolling Stones diverged in 1962 from the pop-rock band of the same in London, founded in the 1960s. In no time, the English rock band became a household name.

Watts made their first stable line-up as the drummer, alongside vocalist Mick Jagger, multi-instrumentalist Brian Jones, guitarist Keith Richards, and bassist Bill Wyman. According to Rolling Stone magazine, since joining the Stones in 1963, a year after the band was formed, Watts hadn’t missed a show.

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However, earlier this month, the band released a statement that revealed that Mr Watts was unlikely to perform with his bandmates when they resumed their “No Filter” tour because he was recovering from an undisclosed medical issue.

So, Steve Jordan, a veteran drummer and music producer who has worked closely with Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, was tapped to fill in.

Bandmates Sir Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have both paid tribute to Charlie Watts, following his death. While Richards took to his social media to share a picture of a set of drums with a “closed” sign on them, Mick Jagger on the other hand shared a photograph of Watts smiling while seated behind a drum kit, without a caption.

5 interesting facts about Charlie Watts

  1.  Charles Robert Watts was born on 2 June 1941 in London and grew up in the northwest neighbourhood of Wembley, where he would later perform sold-out stadium concerts.
  2. According to a biography provided by his spokesman, he started drumming in jazz groups and frequented London clubs at the age of 16.
  3. He initially turned down an invitation to join the Rolling Stones, continuing to work as a graphic designer at an advertising agency.
  4. Mr Watts made his first appearance with the band at the Flamingo Club in London’s Soho in January 1963
  5. Charlie is known for living a relatively clean life. However, in the 80s, a mid-life crisis led him to drugs and alcohol. He attributed the spell to a feeling of panic. Watts went cold turkey after he broke his ankle in a drunken stupor.

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