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Dorathy unveils New business; Trikytee drops new song

Dorathy Bachor, the first runner-up of the BBNaija 2020 lockdown season has just launched a new lingerie line as the year 2021 begins.

She had earlier given hints on the name of her new business endeavour would be known as, while teasing her fans into a guessing game.

As promised, Dorathy unveiled the name of her new business on the first day of the year 2021.

She gave the lingerie line’s name to be MFC, which means “My Full Chest.”

The busty reality TV star is famous for a lot of memes and funny statements, even quite notably when she accepted to be a Deputy Head of House on the show “with her full chest.”


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Meanwhile, Trikytee, who was also in the BBNaija house same time as Dorothy, has just released a new song he sang specially for his fellow ex-housemates.

Trikytee had earlier stated on the show that he had a career in singing before going into the house while some of his songs were played during the show’s Saturday night party.

He posted the video on social media with lines composed with the names of all the ex-lockdown housemates.


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