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‘Regina knows I can marry another wife’ – Ned Nwoko reveals he is open to taking another wife

Prince Ned Nwoko, in an interview with BBC, has revealed he is open to taking another wife and all his wives, including his youngest, Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels-Nwoko, is aware of this.

Speaking on his marriage to his youngest wife, Regina Daniels, Ned explained that he never knew Regina prior to marrying her and he married her within three weeks after their first meeting.

The politician, who has seven wives, says he married all his other wives within the same period after meeting them.

He said he doesn’t believe in dating and gets married to his wives shortly after meeting them.

On how he met Regina Daniels, he said he met her when she came to his house with her mother and her siblings.

He explained that his house is like a tourism attraction site in his state and it’s open to members of the public to view.

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When Regina came with her family to view his house he said he saw her then for the first time, liked her, and married her within three weeks.

Prior to that, he said he never knew her because he doesn’t watch movies. On taking another wife, Ned said it’s a possibility and his wives are aware of this.

He said: “So whether I marry another wife or not, she knows it can happen. I come from a very polygamous environment myself”

“I love children so I want more children and she knows this and my other wives they also know it.”

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