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EXCLUSIVE: Ay.com confesses how he moved on from Terry G and ‘Pass Me Your Love’

Veteran act Ay.com has finally has revealed how he moved on from former best buddy Terry G and the controversy that clouded their famous collaboration “Pass Me Your Love.”

According to Ay.com, whose real name is Ayoola Johnson, he and Gabriel Oche Amanyi aka Terry G, had been good friends when they made the smash hit single before they eventually fell out.

Speaking to Sido Moments in an exclusive interview Ay.com said; “What happened was that, sometimes, if we feel that we are the maker, sometimes if we feel it is by our power, we lose out … at some point we had issues. Terry started feeling like he made me, he made Pass Me Your Love.”

The music veteran, however, blamed their fall out on being young and naive without the required fortitude to handle the pressure as of then.

He explained that while he had written the song by himself, Terry G truly brought his own impact to it, which was a plus. The chemistry they shared while making the single was also something out of this world according to him.

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Ay.com says that it is ‘spiritual’, something otherworldly and for him, that is what music actually means. Something beyond the physical; a sort of universal language that everyone can understand.

Sadly, it appears that this ship sailed with “Pass Me Your Love”. Ay.com even revealed that he and Terry G made another song together, but it failed to make airwaves.

“The chemistry was no longer there,” Ay.com confessed, “that positive energy to make great music was missing.”

And it may not be rekindled if what Ay.com his saying is understood clearly. Instead, he is moving on and he believes Terry G has done the same as well. He says he’s genuinely happy for the dancehall, bell-totting, singer and the progress he has made in the industry.

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