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Kacey Musgraves “Star-Crossed” reviews

Kacey Musgraves, a six-time Grammy Award-winning singer, has released her fifth studio album titled “Star-Crossed“, and the reviews are already in.

The story behind the album is that the last time out, Musgraves had released a ‘heartbreak and healing’ album titled “Golden Hour”. However, many are describing this 2021 project as a divorce album. Why?

Her marriage to fellow singer Ruston Kelly ended after just three years, in 2020. According to a joint statement, the couple said that their relationship just did not work, and they had to call it quits.

Speaking about her 15-track body of work, Kacey Musgraves did not deny that her divorce influenced “Star Crossed”. Instead, she told NPR in a virtual interview:

“You can easily say it is a post-divorce album, which yes, it is factually on paper. But this album is full of a lot of love and gratitude for that person, for Rustin, for my life and my ability to explore all the emotions as a songwriter. [sic]”

You can stream and download Kacey Musgraves – “Star-Crossed” here:

Besides what the singer herself is saying about her work, here are some “Star-Crossed” reviews that we found online:

According to pop culture magazine Entertainment Weekly“Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Star-crossed’ feels like both the essence of country music (love hurts, life is hard) and an extremely 2021 refraction of it.”

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Meanwhile, The Guardian outrightly called it an album about ‘a tragedy of wifely strife’. The media outlet further described one of the tracks, “Good Wife”, as Musgraves finding herself ill-suited to the role of a good wife.

Another famous pop culture media house, NME, says that it is a ‘powerfully honest depiction of heartbreak’. It gave it a 4/5 rating, which is not bad. Rolling Stone magazine also goes down the same lane of describing it as an album about breaking up, but it adds that the singer displayed attributes of ‘growing up’ as well through some tracks.

Kacey Musgraves and her ex-husband, Ruston Kelly, before their divorce.

The Independent gave the album a 3/5 rating and said, “…this record doesn’t find the often-brilliant Musgraves on her sharpest, Dolly Parton-est form. She delivers more platitudes than usual; her melodic shifts often lack their tangier twists. But the sadness and everydayness of her breakup does breathe slowly and honestly through the songs. There is, perhaps, a kind of rebellion in exposing the mundane realities of even the most high-voltage celebrity divorce. [sic]”

The verdict is that it is a good album, and fans who have listened to it are more than thrilled to experience the singer’s feelings through her writing and singing.

Kelly said that she learned a bit of Spanish to make the new record, especially after she heard “Gracias a la Vida” and had to include elements of it.

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