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5 reasons to drink water first thing in the morning

Water is very important for the body especially when taken first thing in the morning before breakfast!


Drinking seven to eight glasses of water every day is one of the easiest ways to improve your health. After all, your body is made up of 70% water, and every cell from your brain to your blood relies upon it for functioning.

Water purifies the colon along the alimentary canal, and it improves the stomach’s chances to absorb nutrients properly. A better digestive system automatically takes care of a lot of other things. It is also one of the secrets behind a glowing skin, as water removes the toxins from the blood.

To maximize the benefits of water, it is important to drink it first thing in the morning so that it can fully flush out your system and hydrate your body’s cells. For best results, it is recommended to drink 5 to 6 glasses of water immediately after you wake up.

Below are 5 reasons you should take water first thing every morning



#1. Glowing Skin

One of the first benefits most people notice is that their skin appears more youthful. This is because water flushes toxins from your blood and hydrates your skin, which provides a rosy glow and even wipes away fine lines and wrinkles.

#2. Improve Kidney Health

Passing a kidney stone has been described as being as painful as childbirth. You can avoid these dreaded stones along with kidney infections by staying hydrated.


#3. Stop Headaches

Did you know that human brain cells are made up of 85% water, and your muscles are at least 75% water? Knowing this, it’s pretty easy to see why drinking water first thing in the morning will help heal migraines and other types of chronic headaches


#4. Ease Menstrual Disorders

Every month, many women suffer from cramps, bloating and other symptoms that make life miserable. Water helps to reduce the water retention that causes bloating, and it lubricates the muscles that cause cramps so that they can relax.


#5. Increase Mental Acuity

Foggy thinking, confusion and fatigue are all symptoms of dehydration that interfere with your productivity. A morning water routine will instantly transform your day by increasing blood flow and oxygen to your brain which will give you a mental boost.



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