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Doctor Cupid: 5 undeniable signs that he is in love with you

It would be amazing if you could simply acquire the ability to read minds in order to find out if your partner loves you or not. 

Since you can’t, however, you are forced to play a guessing game, wondering if that really sweet gift he bought for your birthday means he loves you…or if the fact that he won’t meet your friends means that he doesn’t.

The thing is that love is a tricky thing – a guy could love you and never say it while on the other hand, he could spend many hours declaring his undying love for you without meaning a single word.

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So, how do you know that he actually means what he says when he tells you that he loves you? How can you tell that he does even when he says nothing?

Below are five undeniable signs that will help you tell whether he is in love with you or not.

  1. Your happiness is as important to him as his own.
  2. He ensures that he is always there for you, even when it is inconvenient.
  3. He pays attention to you and to the things you care about.
  4. He supports and nurtures your dreams.
  5. He includes you in his future plans.

Sometimes, it is not that hard to tell just how much you mean to someone; you can just pay attention to them and how they are around you, and things will become clearer.

These five signs are undeniable signs that your partner loves you, even if he doesn’t say it. If he is showing one, two or all of these signs, then you have definitely got yourself a keeper!

Is your partner showing any of these signs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Simbiat studied Computer Science at the University of Lagos. She enjoys doing research and spends most of her time reading. She can be contacted at simbiat@sidomexuniversal.com.



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