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Doctor cupid: How to be his secret obsession

A man’s secret obsession is formed from his needs and when a woman is going to become the object of his secret obsession, it would mean that the woman in question meets most, if not all of his needs

This Doctor Cupid session will show you ways you can effortlessly become your partner’s secret obsession.  Here are a few ways you can become your partner’s secret obsession:

1. Know his needs

Before you decide to go all “superhero” to meet your man’s needs, you must first know what his needs are. Discover if his needs are things that you would like to associate yourself with or not.

2. Allow his hero instincts

While men would like to be the heroes their women needs, they still don’t want the woman to leave everything for them to handle. You might need to find the balance between both.

3. Don’t be a nag

Men hate nags. Women love to nag. While there can always be an equilibrium between two opposites, try not to be a nag, Instead of complaining, communicate.

4. Allow him his space

Everybody needs space. There might just be some time when he might need to have alone time. Don’t go concluding that he is avoiding you. Let him have his space. He’ll come back to you, definitely.

5. Do not pick fights

Of course, you can’t be with someone and not have arguments. However, do not deliberately cause trouble.

These are just a few ways you could be his secret obsession. Just incase this wasn’t as helpful, try these resources on his secret obsession website that will definitely help you.

Jennifer Madunagu
Jennifer Madunagu is a diction/phonetics instructor and also a creative writer. She loves seeing movies and enjoys reading books. To follow Jennifer Madunagu - Twitter: @Jmadunagu


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