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Doctor Cupid: Why does he love you, 5 things to note

Why does he love you? Are you in a committed relationship and can’t seem to figure out why your partner is so into you and you want it to stay that way?

Being in a loving relationship requires a lot of work and commitment which most partners seldom give. However, when you find yourself in a relationship that is full of love and understanding, it’s only natural to make every effort to sustain your lover’s interest.

There’s nothing wrong in wanting to be your man’s secret obsession, and in truth, to sustain a loving relationship you have to, first of all, understand why he loves you. Here are some answers to your question “Why does he love you?


A man wants peace in his life and he will definitely be head over heels in love with a woman that can give him peace of mind. Love is an action but much more this action is demonstrated by words of affirmation. The same principle applies to peace.

With your words and attitude, you can be peaceful and loving instead of troublesome and quarrelsome. Men are known to choose peace as an option traditionally.

2. Respect

Respect and Love go hand in hand. When a man feels respected, he loves more. It is like call and response. If you give your partner the respect due to them, they would surely reciprocate in kind and love as well.

3. Put him first

One of the reasons a man will love you is when you consistently put him first. In fact, this may be one of the deepest signs he really loves you. It is truly an act of love and selflessness to put the needs and happiness of another person as a priority.

4. You care for him

Who doesn’t want to be cared for?  When his happiness is important to you, he is going to make your smile and happiness his priority in return.

5. He knows your friends

In a relationship, partners feel good when they know the important people in their partner’s life. Does he know your friends? If he does, then that might be a pointer that he loves you?

The above listed are a few reasons why he loves you. However, you could try these resources on his secret obsession website that will definitely help you with more ways to really know if your partner loves you.

Jennifer Madunagu
Jennifer Madunagu is a diction/phonetics instructor and also a creative writer. She loves seeing movies and enjoys reading books. To follow Jennifer Madunagu - Twitter: @Jmadunagu


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