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Dr. Cupid: 10 best Nigerian on-screen couples

Everyone loves love, especially at this time that some of our celebrity favourites are getting engaged – love is in the air.

That is one reason why today’s Dr. Cupid’s episode is so interesting!

Today, we have compiled a list of our favourite on-screen couples from all your favourite Nigerian movies.

So, enjoy it!

1. Isoken:

top ten best nigerian on-screen couples

There is this lovely romantic awkward goodness that abounds between Dakore and Marc in Isoken.

Many people have already watched the movie, but for those who haven’t, here’s a recap so you know you have to.

Isoken is 34 in a culture that says she should be married already (It’s a Nigerian movie, you already know!). It’s made worse by the fact that her younger sister is getting married.

It is at this wedding that her mother sets her up with Osaze, a man her mother thinks she’d be good with.

She’s not good with him. It’s only until she finds Kevin that she thinks, “okay, maybe this is it,” but things aren’t perfect. Kevin is white, and her mother absolutely does not like him.

In spite of that, there is sizzling chemistry between Isoken and Kevin.

Obviously, they end up together, and Kevin does the worst Nigerian dance. But that’s for another day.

2. The Wedding Party:

top ten best nigerian on-screen couples

The chemistry between Dunni (Adesua Etomi) and Dozie (Banky W) was so electrifying that it may have birthed their real-life relationship and eventual marriage (just joking).

The Wedding Party follows Dunni and Dozie from right before their wedding through the entire day that it happened. As is usual with Nigerian weddings, there’s LOTS of drama.

Through it all though, we see the love that exists between the couple even though there’s lots of drama with a mother-in-law who doesn’t like Dunni as well as that one girl who just won’t leave Dozie alone.

Fun Fact: Adesua Etomi and Banky W did actually end up getting married in real life. That’s art literally imitating life.

3. When Love Happens:

top ten best nigerian on-screen couples

The plot of this movie is soooo relatable and everything is so natural so that it’s so easy to get into it.

What’s better though is the love story between Mo Bankole-Smith and her best friend who has been in love with her forever, Tobe Okoronkwo.

There’s a third best friend and a serial cheater who won’t leave Mo alone, but seriously, the chemistry is sizzling.

Spoiler Alert! Our favourite part is the end when Mo’s heart is broken and she goes to Tobe… and well, the scene after that one.

In all, I loved their chemistry so much, I couldn’t wait to watch the next movie (yes, there’s a part 2).

4. Flower Girl:

top ten best nigerian on-screen couples

This was Damilola Adegbite’s first Nigerian feature film. She played Kemi Williams, a flower girl who dreamt of getting married someday.

She starred opposite Blossom Chukwujekwu, who played Tunde Kulani, a hot movie star. Kemi’s boyfriend, Umar, a hotshot lawyer promised to marry her after he got a promotion, but you know how that goes.

Something came up again when he did, and after he delivered the news that he couldn’t get married yet, Kemi got into an accident. That’s how she met Tunde, who promised to help her to make Umar propose.

In this film, they fell in love and their on-screen chemistry was the sweetest! They even had a scene where Kemi went to the airport in her wedding dress and asked Tunde to stay with her. Ahhh! Romance!

5. The Visit:

top ten best nigerian on-screen couples

This film stars only four people, but it has enough twists and turns that you will forget that you’re watching only four people.

While there were two couples in this film, one couple stood out, and that’s what we’re supposed to do, to be honest.

Ajiri Shagaya (Nse Ikpe Etim) and Lanre Shagaya (Blossom Chukwujekwu) are a super wild couple, screaming and disturbing their neighbours downstairs.

One day, Ajiri and Lanre destroy the other couple’s property and they have to meet to talk about it. This is when secrets start to come out.

The stand out points in the film, romance wise, were the scenes where Ajiri and Lanre acted out their love scenes. The ease and fluidity between them is something beautiful to watch.

6. Mr & Mrs:

ten best nigerian on-screen couples

Another Nse Ikpe Etim magic. This time she stars opposite Joseph Benjamin as his abused and overworked wife.

This isn’t the good part. The great part starts when Nse decides to take back her power and starts to show her husband pepper.

The balance is restored, and she regains her humanity. It’s really a film for everyone.

7. Picture Perfect:

ten best nigerian on-screen couples

This film highlights the social constructs of class in society. It is not so much a romantic film as it is an eye-opener as to how the class constructs are built in our society.

A posh tailor, Kunbi receives help from an area boy, Jobe, after her car breaks down in his hood. After, the two have a disagreement over the small amount she gave him as ‘thanks’.

The two continue to see each other over the course of the film and we get an interesting backstory to both of their lives. We also see Kunbi’s defences against Jobe start to break down.

They discover that they lived on the same street, attended the same school, only that life led them in different directions.

They eventually sleep with each other (by mistake) and have a baby together.

It was so entertaining to watch Kunbi fall for Jobe but then fight her natural attraction to him because of what he was. Would you watch this film?

If you have, can you get over prejudices and give someone like Jobe a chance? Let us know in the comments section below.

8. The Royal Hibiscus Hotel:

ten best nigerian on-screen couples

Posh. Posh. Posh. Kenneth Okolie. Zainab Balogun. Posh.

In the much talked about The Royal Hibiscus Hotel, Zainab Balogun is a London-based chef who comes home for a short time after a small crisis in London.

Kenneth Okolie is the man who is trying to buy her father’s hotel because her family is bankrupt.

This is such a sizzling movie. There is obvious chemistry between the two. Add the scheming best friend and the boyfriend who doesn’t know when to back off and this couple just could not stay away from each other… until the very end.

9. Phone Swap:

ten best nigerian on-screen couples

Phone Swap was a beautifully done film, and not just for the romance.

Nse Ikpe Etim and Wale Ojo were the lead co-stars for the film. Nse played Mary, a tailor’s worker, whose boss, Alexis often stole her designs. Wale Ojo played a businessman, Akin, who is always at loggerheads with everyone at work.

The two meet at the airport where they crash into each other and mistakenly exchange their phones and subsequently, their flight details. Afterwards, they switch their lives.

Mary has to make sure that Akin’s business goes well, and Akin spends the time bonding with Mary’s family in the village, a task that proves very difficult.

Something special about this film is the way the couple bonded without seeing each other – something different from what we’re used to. They just spoke to each other on their (swapped) phones, and we could still feel the chemistry. Whoo!

10. A Private Storm

ten best nigerian on-screen couples

Released in 2010, this film is a classic. It tells the story of Gina (Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde) and Alex (Ramsey Nouah).

Gina and Alex are the ultimate perfect couple on the inside, but once you go closer, you discover the truths, and that is the fact that Alex is jealous and possessive and physically assaults Gina for every little infraction.

When Jason (John Dumelo) comes into the picture though, things begin to look up.

…And love. Love also begins to develop.

Simbiat studied Computer Science at the University of Lagos. She enjoys doing research and spends most of her time reading. She can be contacted at simbiat@sidomexuniversal.com.


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