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In one tweet, Jidenna covers a textbook on relationships

Nigerian-American singer Jidenna just summarised some of the relationship goals every person should aspire to.

In a very succinct tweet, published on Tuesday 20th August, Jidenna lets us in on his thought processes with respect to relationships.

To begin with, we are let to understand that the singer is very open-minded and non-judgmental regarding people’s relationships choices, evidenced by his profession of beliefs in many relationship opposites.

I believe in monogamy. I believe in polyamory. I believe in marriage. I believe in non-traditional union,” tweets the singer whose sophomore album, 85 to Africa is set to be unveiled in a couple of days.

Next, Jidenna talks about some of the things that make for a great relationship. As anyone who has ever be open to observe the world around him or her would attest, there is no one fit-all cookbook for all relationships but there are some basic tenets most people would agree on that makes for a lasting relationship. Jidenna seems to have grasped some of those basic tenets.

There are agreements & compromises to be made in every relationship,” says he. “Most of all, I believe in Love & Honesty as the foundation.

It’s true, whether you’re a staunch supporter of monogamy, or maybe you think monogamy is a social construct not rooted in reality. It doesn’t matter if you think marriage is outdated or that marriage is fundamental to a functional society, the only thing that is of relevance and which applies to yours and every other person’s relationship is, to be honest about your expectations and obligations. To be honest about your deal-breakers, if any, to be prepared to make compromises at least within agreed boundaries and to be faithful to any and all agreements you reached with your partner or partners for that matter.

And for his part, Jidenna gives us some hint on the type of relationship that he wants.

I’m looking for wifey...” ends the tweet.

So, the singer seems to fall under the traditional category of those who prefer marriage to non-traditional unions. But that doesn’t necessarily mean monogamy although most people associate the marriage institution with monogamy. Yet many modern relationships, including those involving couples who are legally married, are also rooted in polyamory.

Jidenna himself has once practised the polyamory lifestyle as he admitted on the live radio programme, The Breakfast Club, to the incredulity of his interviewers.

The lifestyle though is not for everyone, and not everyone can handle knowing their partner is sleeping with another person. Jidenna certainly seemed to have handled it poorly, admitting feeling pain when his then-partner was with another man.

So, we can say with a degree of confidence, that when Jidenna says he was looking for a wife, he meant a wife in the traditional sense of one man-one wife monogamous relationship.

Interesting, what can be packed in a less than 280 character tweet. Thank you Jidenna.

Check out The Breakfast Show segment and share your thoughts on relationships with us:


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