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A complete guide to IELTS exam in Nigeria 2021

Yeah, I know the country is hard. You have no other option than to leave Nigeria in search of greener pastures. Alternatively, you want to further your studies so you can have an edge in the labour market. Or maybe you want to migrate to a new climate, but as a requirement for you to study abroad or to start your new job or acclimatise with the social network of your new country, you are required to get your IELTS exam score or certificate. However, you don’t know what that is, or you know what it is but you don’t know how to go about it? However, the internet has so much information about the IELTS exam in Nigeria that is almost confusing and disjunctive and so you’re frustrated. Well relax I got your back, this post contains well-detailed and organised information about IELTS exams in Nigeria, IELTS exam centres in Nigeria, IELTS  training centres in Nigeria and just about all the information you need to get your IELTS exam registration settled.

What is the IELTS exam in Nigeria? Meaning and types

IELTS  simply is an acronym for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). IELTS is an international standardised testing system used for measuring the English language proficiency level for non-native English speakers who want to study, work or migrate to a country where English is used as a language of communication or in local or popular parlance mother tongue.

IELTS exam in Nigeria

Established in 1989, IELTS Exam is managed by three reputable, international organisations – the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL).

IELTS tests candidates on the four basic language skills including listening, reading, writing and speaking. No minimum score is required to pass the test. At the end of the test, an IELTS result or Test Report Form is issued to all test candidates, with a score ranging from “band 1” (“non-user”) to “band 9” (“expert user”). Each institution sets its preferred threshold.

Types of IELTS exam in Nigeria

types of ielts exam in Nigeria

Before choosing which IELTS test to take, one must consider the purpose of his travel, whether it is for work or study or simply to start a new life in a new country. It is this purpose or goal that will determine what type of IELTS test one should take.

The IELTS exam in Nigeria is of two types – Academic and General IELTS tests. Each test is tailored according to the purpose of your travel – study or work.

IELTS Academic test

The IELTS academic test, as the name implies, is mainly for people applying to study or that seeks to further their education in an English-speaking environment. The test focuses on one’s ability to cope in a study/school environment, to test one’s learning proficiency in an environment where the English language is the language of instruction

2. IELTS General test

The IELTS General training test, on the other hand, is for those who are going to English-speaking countries for work experience, training programmes or migrating to such countries. It assesses one’s ability to cope with the basic social networking demands of the particular countries and how ready a candidate can effectively communicate in the country of his/her choice. Thus, it focuses on basic survival skills in broad social and workplace contexts. The IELTS general test is a basic requirement for people seeking to migrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.

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 IELTS exam in Nigeria: Who needs to take it? Eligibility

IELTS is accepted by most European countries such as Australia, Britain, Canada and a host of European, Irish and New Zealand academic institutions.

IELTS exam: eligibility in Nigeria

Also, IELTS is recognised by over 3,000 academic institutions in the United States. IELTS is the only Secure English Language Test System approved by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for visa candidates applying from both outside and inside the UK. Therefore, it is an important requirement if you wish to study or work in any of the above-listed countries, the UK especially.

Eligibility to take the IELTS

  1. You must be above the age of 15 years and must have a valid passport to be able to take the IELTS.

2. You will be eligible to take the exam if you also meet one of the following conditions:

  • You’re planning to study in UK/Australia/Canada/New Zealand/USA
  • You’re a medical professional, planning to work or further your studies in the UK/Australia/USA
  • You’re planning to emigrate to Canada/Australia/New Zealand.

What is the difference Between IELTS and TOFEL?

This happens to be the most frequently asked question for people seeking to travel out of Nigeria but who are not sure which international standardised test they should take. This is natural as there are so many English language proficiency tests out there required by different academic instructions and countries. However, IELTS and TOFEL are the most popular of them all. Hence, the confusion between the two tests.

The IELTS and TOEFL exams are two of the most accepted English proficiency exams around the world. However, these tests differ both in their structure, approach and teaching criteria. Hence, a proper understanding of the two is required to appreciate their differences.

The IELTS test

As earlier stated, IELTS is an abbreviation for International English Language Testing System. The IELTS test uses British English and consists of four parts: reading, listening, writing and speaking. It takes two hours and 45 minutes to complete, including the transfer time from one section to the next. Once students take the test, they can then select up to five organisations where copies of their IELTS results will be sent free of charge.

What is TOEFL?

TOEFL is an abbreviation for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is an international standardised English language proficiency test, developed by an American company ETS, to measure an individual’s reading, speaking, writing and listening proficiency in American English. TOEFL scores are a requirement for over 900 universities and other institutions in more than 130 countries. TOEFL can be taken as either a Paper-Based Test (TOEFL PBT) or an Internet-Based Test (TOEFL IBT).  TOEFL takes four hours to complete. This test is accepted in Australia and the UK. American institutions will likely favour this exam over the IELTS test.

The table below compares the IELTS test with the TOEFL test.

1. International English Language Testing System Test of English as a Foreign Language
2. Developed and managed by three Organisations: The British Council, IDP University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Developed by an American company: ETS
3. Test candidates on the British English Language Test candidates based on American English language
4. It takes 2hrs 40mins to complete an IELTS test It takes 4hrs to complete a TOEFL test.
5. A compulsory requirement for the application of UK Visas. Not compulsory for the application of an American visa. As the USA accepts both TOEFL and IELTS
6. Most preferred by British academic intuitions Most preferred by American academic institutions


How much does IELTS cost in Nigeria?

Well at this point, I’m sure you’re ready to get your registration going. Having understood what IELTS means, the types of IELTS exams in Nigeria and the right test you should take. So, how much does the IELTS exam cost?

The IELTS exam is usually fixed by the IELTS British Council, IDP and Cambridge ESOL.

Below is a table of the cost of the IELTS exam in Nigeria.

1. IELTS Academic Test NGN75,000
2. IELTS General Test NGN75,000


IELTS has a set fee for its test. The price of the Academic and General Training tests are the same at NGN75,000.00 each. However, depending on your agent or institutions, most IELTS training centres that help candidates process their IELTS application usually charge an additional processing fee. This amount varies from one institution to another

How to pay for the IELTS exam in Nigeria?

How to pay for IELTS in Nigeria is quite easy and hassle-free as most agents usually take care of this aspect. Simply register with any IELTS training institute of your choice. Most training institutes help their candidates register for the IELTS exam by receiving payments from their candidates and registering for them. This is quite easy and preferable as with their expertise and knowledge, they avoid mistakes or pitfalls, which a candidate unsure of how to register might make.

However, if you’re a “Hans Solo” or you just want to do everything yourself, you can visit the IELTS British council for detailed steps on how to register/pay for the IELTS exam in Nigeria. Or you can simply download this pdf from the IELTS British Council that shows the step-by-step how to pay for the IELTS exam in Nigeria.

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IELTS 2021 exam dates in Nigeria

IELTS exams are scheduled for 48 days a year depending on local demand. Usually, the dates are fixed before the new calendar year and up to four times a month.

IELTS exam dates for 2021

Below is a list of the approved IELTS exam dates for the 2021 calendar year in Nigeria.

January 2021

  • 9 January 2021 Academic
  • 16 January 2021 Academic and general training
  • 21 January 2021 Academic and general training
  • 23 January 2021 Academic

February 2021

  • 6 February 2021 Academic
  • 20 February 2021 Academic and general training
  • 25 February 2021 Academic
  • 27 February 2021 Academic and general training

March 2021

  • 4 March 2021 Academic and general training
  • 13 March 2021 Academic
  • 20 March 2021 Academic and general training
  • 27 March 2021 Academic

April 2021

  • 10 April 2021 Academic and general training
  • 17 April 2021 Academic
  • 24 April 2021 Academic
  • 29 April 2021 Academic and general training

May 2021

  • 8 May 2021 Academic and general training
  • 20 May 2021 Academic
  • 22 May 2021 Academic and general training
  • 29 May 2021 Academic

June 2021

  • 5 June 2021 Academic and general training
  • 12 June 2021 Academic
  • 17 June 2021 Academic and general training
  • 19 June 2021 Academic

July 2021

  • 1 July 2021 Academic and general training
  • 10 July 2021 Academic
  • 17 July 2021 Academic and general training
  • 24 July 2021 Academic

August 2021

  • 7 August 2021 Academic and general training
  • 12 August 2021 Academic
  • 21 August 2021 Academic
  • 28 August 2021 Academic and general training

 September 2021

  • 4 September 2021 Academic
  • 11 September 2021 Academic and general training
  • 16 September 2021 Academic and general training
  • 25 September 2021 Academic

October 2021

  • 9 October 2021 Academic and general training
  • 14 October 2021 Academic and general training
  • 23 October 2021 Academic
  • 30 October 2021 Academic

November 2021 

  • 6 November 2021 Academic and general training
  • 11 November 2021 Academic
  • 20 November 2021 Academic
  • 27 November 2021 Academic and general training

December 2021

  • Thursday, 2 Dec. 2021 Academic and General Training
  • Saturday, 4 Dec. 2021 Academic only
  • Saturday, 11 Dec. 2021 Academic and General Training
  • Saturday, 18 Dec. 2021 Academic only

 IELTS British Council in Nigeria

As earlier discussed, the IELTS is owned and organised by three international organisations, namely: the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL). The IELTS British Council organises both IELTS training programmes, registration and examination centres.

Benefits of registering with IELTS British Council

Candidates who register with the IELTS British Council get the following advantages:

  1. Free access to Road to IELTS Last Minute course, which affords clients a variety of 100 interactive activities, nine videos with advice and tutorials and two practice tests for each of the four skills.
  2. Free access to WORDREADY: An online app that aids one’s vocabulary learning
  3. Free practice tests: Registering with IELTS British council grants access to their free practice tests online at TakeIELTS
  4. Candidates can choose whether to write the paper-based test or the internet-based test.
  5. IELTS boast of eleven test locations in Nigeria, which makes for convenience by bringing the test location close to you.
  6. After the IELTS test, IELTS British Council sends your Test Report Forms (TRF), free of charge, directly to any five chosen institutions of your choice.

How do I register with the IELTS British Council?

The British Council oversees the registration for most of the IELTS Nigeria test centres. On the British Council website, you can select the type of IELTS you would like to take (Academic or General Training, for example), before proceeding to the booking platform.

Registering for the test follows three steps:

  1. Selecting a test centre and session
  2. Creating an account on the British Council website
  3. Submitting your details and pay the registration fee

To complete your registration, you’ll need to have an identification document on hand and a payment card. Please note that you will be asked to present the same ID in person on the day of the test.

IELTS British Council examination centre in Nigeria

The IELTS is administered by the British Council Nigeria, which has IELTS examination centres across the country with as many as five test sessions per month. You can also find some independent test centres, but the British Council website is a good place to start.

You can find the details for some of the British Council IELTS Nigeria centres below:

  • British Council Abeokuta Park Inn by Radisson, IBB, Kuto, 110252, Abeokuta
  • British Council Abuja Plot 3645 IBB Way, Maitama, Abuja
  • British Council Lagos Mainland Classique Event Place, 20 Thompson Avenue, Ikoyi
  • British Council Lagos Island Lagos-Island, Lekki Coliseum, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos
  • British Council Port Harcourt Hotel Presidential, 127 Olusegun Obasanjo Way, Elechi, Port Harcourt
  • British Council Ilorin Roemichs International School, Ilorin, Kwara State

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IELTS exam centres in Nigeria

IELTS exam centres in Nigeria

Below is a selected list of independent IELTS centres in some major cities of Nigeria.

IELTS exam centres in Lagos

  • MOD IELTS Test Centre: 3, Ade Ajayi Street, off Zone A4, Pako, Ogudu GRA, Lagos, Nigeria; (Speaking and LRW Tests)
  • Westerfield College: 7 Hughes Avenue, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria; (LRW Tests Only)
  • Chesterfield Hotel: 54 Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria; (Speaking Test Only)

IELTS exam centres in Abuja

  • Aduvie International School, 1 Aduvie Close, off Aduvie Way, After ABC Cargo Office, Jahi District, Abuja, Nigeria; (LRW Tests Only)
  • Starview Palace Hotel, Plot 7, 4th Avenue, Gwarinpa, Abuja, Nigeria; (Speaking Tests Only)

IELTS exam centre in Kano

  • Skyline University, No 2 Zaria Road, Opposite Kano line Bus Stop, Kano (LRW and Speaking Test)

IELTS exam centres in Port Harcourt

  • MOD IELTS Port-Harcourt, 13 Birabi Street, Hotel Presidential Road, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
  • Royal Charlin Hotel & Suites, Plot 27B, Presidential Estate, Behind Rivers State House of Assembly Quarters, Opp. NDDC office, Port Harcourt, Rivers State (LRWS)

IELTS exam centre in Enugu

  • Bon Hotel Sunshine, C4 Presidential Rd, Asata, Enugu State

IELTS exam centre in Ibadan

  • Best Western Plus, 25 Jibowu Crescent, Iyagunku, G.R.A, Ibadan, Oyo State

IELTS Training centre in Nigeria

IELTS training centres in Lagos

1. Homeworks Tutorial Centre

Homeworks Tutorial Centre is an approved and specialised tutoring arm of Lextorah Educational Services. Homeworks offer a blended learning program for all courses; from language courses to exam preparation courses eg: German – Goethe exams, French; ELF/DALF, English; IELTS, TOEFL. Homeworks offer both online classes and on-site services

Address: 299 Herbert Macaulay Way, Alagomeji-Yaba 100001, Lagos
Phone: 0809 127 8837
Website: https://lextorah-elearning.com/

Google reviews
Adebami Ayodele: “I attended the Online IELTS Preparatory class at Lextorah Homeworks and my result just came out and believe me I surpassed my own expectations by scoring a band score of 8.5. I must commend the team at Lextorah Homeworks for working tirelessly with all students. Thank you Lextorah. Thank you, Homeworks.”

Kayode Olayahweh: “Had fun learning and I got a good band score. Really nice. Y’all should check them out. Pocket friendly too.”

2. Mack IV Consult Lagos

Mack IV consult is a reputable test centre for TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, PTE and IELTS training in Lagos, Nigeria

Address: 36 Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Cement, Lagos
Phone: 0706 744 5193
Website: https://mackivconsult.org/

Google review
Afeez Adeniyi: “You’re 90% sure of scaling through your language and professional skills tests at this centre as their dedicated tutors and their other numerous resources would ensure you excel.”

Oke Oluwatimileyin: “It’s a nice place to be! Good customer service, excellent management and a conducive environment.

3. Midek Concept

Midek Concept, founded in 2004, is a cognoscente in standardised tests training and has over the years excelled in preparing students for scholarship scores. It provides students or candidates with reliable strategies to ace standardised exams like GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS. With years of expertise and technical know-how, Midek provides mock tests that ultimately improve their candidates’ test scores.

Address: 99 Awolowo way, Ikeja (Balogun bus stop).  Ikeja local govt, Lagos
Phone:  0803 470 6355
Website: https://midekconcept.org/

Google review
Chinwe Sharon: “I love the personal yet professional touch. The fact that you do a pre-test to assess you first and the counselling afterwards also, reassured me that there is a genuine interest not only as a prospective GRE/GMAT/IELTS student.”

David Oku: “Great place…for your IELTS, GRE, TOEFL and aptitude test training. I am a proud product of Midek Concept …office is located in a very accessible place. Midek is the best place if you want to ace your grades in GRE, IELTS and TOEFL. Thank you Midek…

4. Exam Planet Nigeria

Exam Planet is a unique and indigenous Educational consultancy firm, with over five years of experience in Facilitating Students’ for successful admission placements into foreign universities.

Address: Adedayo House, 36 Lagos-Abeokuta Expy way, Cement bus stop, Agege, 234001, Lagos
Phone: 0907 113 6672
website: https://examplanet.com/

Google review
Osazeme Usen: “Previously gave them a 1 star, but I was wrong and changed the rating due to reconciliation. Fantastic Team with a love for satisfying their customers. I had a challenge relating to the completion of my wife’s exam bookings. They completed it and resolved the issue promptly.”

Austine Clement: “It’s the best place to prepare all your travel stuff…

5. Erudite Consult

Erudite Consult is an educational body that provides a link to promoting Overseas and local Education. It is committed to the development of education in Nigeria, It provides counselling to students that are ready to pursue and further their educational career at home or abroad. It is a refreshingly different organisation, responsible and committed to its objectives. Having focused on quality

Address: 24 Ojuelegba-Lawanson (Itire) Road, Opposite Randle Junction. Municipal Bus Stop, Surulere, Lagos
Phone: 0806 166 5449
Website: http://www.eruditeconsult.com/

IELTS training Centre in Abuja

1. Bratim Training Centre

Bratim is an educational and consulting company with competencies in training & education, revenue generation services and business solutions implementation. Bratim has helped over 35,000 people to pass their IELTS tests in one sitting with a band score of 8.0+. They offer innovative and unrivalled study abroad options, exam preparation and immigration.

Address: Wing B, National Library Building, Central Business District, Abuja
Phone: 0803 357 7375
Website: bratim.org

Google review
Abdullahi Kurfi: “Very good learning centre. Excellent delivery of online classes in this corona time. I was reluctant to join the online class at first, but it’s superb.”

Olushola Adelabu: “It’s topnotch with a serene environment.”

2. Zinchi International

Zinchi International is an establishment that offers educational, travel and logistics services. They tutor and prepare people for IELTS, PTE, TOEFL. With years of professional expertise and technical skills, offer candidates excellent training so that they can obtain the desired results they need for studies or migration purposes.

Address: Suite 18, Peemos Complex, 13 Jere St, Garki 2, Abuja
Phone: 0908 016 4652
Website: https://zinchi.org/

Google review
Samuel Smart: “First of all, it’s a great honour to be taught by Zinchi international. The little period of time I spent was amazing and interesting. I learned a lot, really. I enjoyed the Tips, procedures, assignments, pre-test and most especially the…More

Zuzu Mamman: “I really had a great time with this organisation. They exceeded my expectations. I got an 8.5.

3. Bivent Education

Founded in 2008 with branches spread across Nigeria and Ghana, Bivent Education is a forward-thinking education company that provides innovative and unrivalled study abroad options, exam preparations and immigration services. It is an indigenous education powerhouse enjoying Global partnerships with top universities and institutions around the world. Bivent is a top British Council (Nigeria) Education Partner.

Address: Suite 7, Canal House, Plot 1462, opp. Veritas Kapital Assurance, Central Business District 900211, Abuja
Phone: 0907 790 5480
Website: https://bivent.org/

Google reviews
Tolulope Adebiyi: “I would highly recommend Bivent Education for your IELTS prep classes. The tutors were not only professionals, they were patient and understanding to clear any doubt I had.”

Oluwatoke Okunlola: “The lessons are taught absolutely well with every section broken down properly by the instructor to allow easy understanding and learning. I had great results.

IELTS training centre in Port Harcourt

1. Exam Planet Service

Exam Planet Centre is a training institute for candidates seeking to write international standardised exams such as GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and IELTS in Nigeria.

Address: 460 Ikwerre Rd, Rumuokwuta 500272, Port Harcourt
Phone: 0706 744 5193
Website: website: https://examplanet.com/

Google review
Osazeme Usen: “Previously gave them a 1 star, but I was wrong and changed the rating due to reconciliation. Fantastic Team with a love for satisfying their customers. I had a challenge relating to the completion of my wife’s exam bookings. They completed it and resolved the issue promptly.

Austine Clement: “It’s the best place to prepare all your travel stuff.”

IELTS training centres in Ibadan

1. Laidera Consulting Firm

Laidera is a leading, learning and International certification consultancy firm, established in the I.T. industry for a good number of years, LCF is a privately owned institute of Nigerian origin. They currently have offices in Ibadan and Oyo state

Address: Lister Building, Ring Road, South West
Phone: 0807 503 3644
Website: http://www.lcfed.com/

Google reviews
Akinlosotu Motunrayo: “Be rest assured that with a 1-month commitment and training of IELTS, PTE, GRE, you are good to go for the real exam at Laidera Consulting firm.”

Simply BYJ: “It’s great as per as a centre for assessment, but the building it’s located in is falling apart. So at first glance for an ‘out of owner,’ it is scary as the building looks dingy. On that note, the toilets need to be fixed/ renovated ASAP.”

2. Exam Planet Ibadan

Exam Planet is a unique and indigenous Educational consultancy firm, with over five (5) years of experience in Facilitating Students’ for successful admission placements into foreign universities.

Address: Similolu House, 39 Molete Road, Challenge Expressway, Ibadan
Phone: 0907 113 6672
Website: Examplanet.com

Google reviews
Obaloluwa Akinniyi-Tayo: “Having my IELTS exam lessons here and the staff is really friendly and intelligent. I recommend.”

Adebowale Adeniran: “Good place to be.

IELTS training centre in Enugu

1. Timetimes 360 centre

TimeTimes 360 is a registered organisation in Nigeria with a spelt-out mission of becoming the leading educational and travel aid institution in Africa. Presently, they operate in four different cities within Nigeria. Over the years, they have been able to help tens and hundreds of clients live their dream of either working or studying overseas through training them on standardised tests as well as providing unbiased counselling services for students, professionals and couples.

Address: 9A Park Ave, GRA 400102, Enugu
Phone: 0703 477 8682
Website: http://www.timetimes360.com/

IELTS training centre in Kano

1. Hikima Information System

Hikima Information System is a Computer training school in Kano, which offers both online and on-site services such as training and preparation of candidates for international tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

Address: No 9 Emir’s Palace Road, National Library (Women Centre building) Kofar Nassarawa, Emir Palace Rd, Municipal, Kano
Phone: 0708 554 3323
Website: https://hikima.business.site/

IELTS past exam questions in Nigeria

Here’s why you should get the IELTS examination past question papers.

Just like every other examination, you need to have an idea of what you’re going to face, the kind of questions to expect and nature of the exam. There’s no better way to have this idea than to get a copy of past questions of the IELTS examination paper. The IELTS examination paper not only gives you a good idea of what to expect at the examination hall but also it will help prepare you to take the test; by properly timing yourself, composure and calm. Because what you will see in the exam mirrors what you’ve been practising. So if you’re really serious about taking the IELTS exam, then studying past examination questions is a must.

More so, the IELTS exam fee and registration usually cost a lot of money. You really do not want to take the exam twice. Hence, downloading the IELTS examination past questions and answers is not just necessary but your best bet to ensure you don’t have to pay the registration fee twice.

How to get your IELTS examination past question papers

Most IELTS training institutes usually offer study materials like video tutorials, speaking lessons, past question papers and other study material upon registering with their centre.

If perhaps you don’t want to register with a training centre, you can simply visit the link below, pay a purchase fee of NGN4500 and download your IELTS exam past question paper.

Download past IELTS questions and answers/

However, if you’re looking for a free practice test then visit https://ielts.ng/prepare-for-ielts/free-ielts-academic-practice-tests/

They offer free writing, speaking, reading and writing tests.

Also most successful candidates attest to the fact that YouTube videos are very useful study materials… so get surfing!


So there you go, that’s the end of the good stuff. Don’t forget to plan for yourself. The first step towards taking your IELTS exam is to identify the purpose or goal of your travel; whether it is for study or work purposes.

Next, choose your agent – an Institution such as an IELTS training centre as listed above or you register with the IELTS British council close to your area. These centres will help prepare and groom you for the IELTS exam as well as ensure a smooth registration process.

So! Just like every worthwhile endeavour, to succeed you must give it your all.

Cheers! I wish you the best of luck!


Ebube Ugorji
Ugorji Ebube is a literary enthusiast. He butters the rigid angles of law by the flavored offerings of the creative space. He loves reading and psychology. You can follow him on Instagram @ugorjiebube



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