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Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria: Features, gate fees and what to do

Due to the damage and rapid loss of the natural environment by the explosion of industrialisation in Lagos city and Nigeria as a whole, there was a need to preserve our natural endowment, ranging from animals to trees, plants and even streams from the vengeance of industrialisation. Hence the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) established the Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria in 1990. The Lekki Conservation Centre became the pioneer project of the NCF towards the preservation of the unique biodiversity, scenic, natural, scientific and recreational values of the coastal environs of south-western Nigeria.

Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) covers approximately 78 hectares of land consisting of savannah habitats, swamps, thick shrubs with a rain forest feel. The Lekki Conservation Centre is a 15-minute drive from Victoria Island with the closest bus stop being Chevron Estate by way of public transport.

The Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria with its natural habitat, serene environment, species of animal, captivating canopy walk has become the best natural urban park that caters for visitors’ taste for the wild and nature in Lagos state.

The Lekki Conservation Centre is not just about the wildlife, fun, and nature sightseeing, it also sports a resource centre as well as a library, which promotes environmental education and public awareness to threats to the natural environment caused by the rapidly increasing loss of natural environment and the attendant drastic consequences for the planet. It also boasts a well-equipped library, which serves as space for very much needed eco-research.

Ultimately, the NCF hopes that the success of the Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria will demonstrate how wildlife is integral to the ecosystems on which people rely for their survival. Also, to show that the struggle for the preservation of the wildlife at the same time ensures man’s preservation on earth.

What you need to know about Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria

lekki conservation centre what you need to know

1. Location

The Lekki Conservation Centre sits on a landmass of about 78 hectares along the Lekki-Epe Expressway.

Address: Km 19 Lekki – Epe Expressway, Lekki Peninsula II, Lekki

Opening Time: The Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria is open every day from 8:30 am including weekends and public holidays.  Closing time is 4:30 pm. Lekki

Website: https://www.ncfnigeria.org/

Contact:  +234 906 546 0479

2. Budget

The Lekki Conservation Centre gate fee is affordable for both the rich and the poor. The gate fee is NGN1,500 for adults and NGN500 for children (which however do not include the canopy walk). Hence, the pricing is differentiated into the following:

  • Exploring without taking the canopy (this costs NGN1,500 (adult) NDN500 (children) per person)
  • Exploring + the canopy walk (the cost of this is NGN2,500 (adults), NGN2,000 (Children) per person)

Also, if you’re going as a group for a picnic, a maximum of 30 persons is slated at a discounted price of NGN25,000. More so, depending on where you’re starting from, between NGN2,000- NGN3,000 should be mapped out for transport and a considerable sum for food. Remember this is an adventure so make the best of it!

3. Avoid the monkeys

During the orientation before gaining entrance into the nature walk. A lot of time is taken to address how to behave around the monkeys. Monkeys have a higher IQ than most animals and they should not be looked at as just mere animals. Monkeys are born tricksters, very observant and smart. The monkeys have become a point of high interest from tourists because of the way they relate with visitors – the next best thing after the canopy walk according to popular demand. However, you might fall victim to the monkeys’ trickery and fast hands if you let down your guard.

4. Membership

The body responsible for managing the Lekki Conservation Centre is the NCF (Nigerian Conservation Foundation). The NCF offers members the opportunity to make use of the research library, access to Nature Reserve sites, attend NCF events and to suggest ways of meeting its vision of harmonising the relationship between man and the environment. There are different packages for varying membership subscriptions and they range from NGN500,000 per annum for Platinum Corporate members down to NGN1,000 for Student members.

5. When should you visit

The Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria has become one of the choicest tourist destinations making it a bit crowded sometimes. So when should you and your small group of friends head to the reserve?

Avoid public holidays as employees or staff will be seeking to take a break with their families. Also, the best time to visit the Lekki conservation centre is during the dry season. As tourists are not allowed to make the canopy climb during the rainy season for safety reasons. The most suitable time to visit is during the dry season from October to March.

6. Dressing

The Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria sometimes gets really hot, so it is best you put on something airy, free and colourful. And yes, you certainly should leave those heels at home. Sporty outdoor gears will do just fine while Canvas mountain climbers show you really mean business.

Top ten features of the Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria

1. Canopy walk

This is the star attraction of the Lekki Conservation Centre. It is a 401-metre long canopy walkway, suspended with a strong rope network and pillars; a marvel of engineering. It is the longest canopy walk in Africa that offers a surreal feel to anyone who dares the feat. It almost feels like a flight of stairs to heaven flanked by green vegetation and the natural environment of the centre. It offers visitors admission into a unique realm where they have a bird’s eye view of the scenery. The Canopy walk gives the tourist a unique view of the entire habitat and the wildlife that inhabit the Lekki Conservation Centre.

2. Family Park

A complete out-of-the-world family experience park. It has a bit for everyone. It has children swings and recreational activities for the kids, outdoor settings for family bonding as well as a barbecue stand for tantalizing grills.

3. Treehouse

To get started, you have to climb a magnificent Dawa Dawa tree to arrive at the stylish treehouse. It is perfect for getting some solitude and time alone as it is secluded and up in the sky. Tourists can meditate to the beautiful harmony of birds chirping.

4. Boardwalk

This is a 2-km walkway constructed with a string of wood/board, hence the name boardwalk. It was constructed in 1992 to offer dynamic viewing pleasure to tourists as it offers an excellent opportunity for bird watching. In addition, along the trail is a swamp outlook, which tourists can, from a safe distance, watch reptiles like crocodiles, snakes, etc. It offers excellent nature walks and bird watching experience.

5. Nature Station

At the end of the boardwalk sits the nature station, which at best is a recreational island in the middle of the forest. It has a semi-enclosed block structure containing indoor picnic facilities and an outdoor unit with recreational facilities mostly for children.

6. Bird hide

This can be spotted along the boardwalk. It offers a serene and peaceful environment to watch nature’s first poets. It can also serve as a good vantage point for nature photography

7. Swamp Look-out Station

Also located along the 2km boardwalk, it overlooks the swamp and offers an aerial view of the swamp life.

8. Floor Games (Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Draught, Chess and Street Tennis)

This consists of life-size game pieces set up at the recreational section for friends and family to enjoy. Here, the tourist plays the game by moving the life-size chess pieces on the board to the floor to offer quite an exhilarating experience.

9. Beach Volleyball courts

The Family Park also boasts the Beach volleyball courts where tourists can play with friends and family. It is customised with ropes tied between trees and is perfect for family games as well as a gathering of friends.

10. Barbecue stand

This is one of the most fascinating features of the Lekki Conservation Centre. Practically everything that needs a grill is on offer here, from roasted plantain to chicken and barbecued fish. It is perfect as the final destination after the canopy walk and other adventures so tourists can reward themselves for their experience. After feeding your eyes, you definitely should feed your stomach too.

Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria gate fee

  • Adult NGN1,500
  • Children (1 – 10 years) NGN500
  • Children (11 -17 years) N500

Canopy walk price (for ages 14-65)

  • Per head (Excluding entry fee) NGN,1500

Group visits

  • Maximum 30 individuals (Access to use the tree shade for picnic/get-together not applicable during public holidays). NGN25,000.00

Dos and Don’ts of the Lekki Conservation Centre

Thinking of visiting the Lekki Conservation Centre?

To help make your visit a more memorable one, there are a few rules to abide by. The rules are put in place to make everyone’s experience at the conservation centre a positive one. Check them out below.

Dos and Don'ts of lekki conservation centre

Top 10 activities you can do at the Lekki Conservation Centre in Nigeria

  1. Canopy walk
  2. Giant Chess game
  3. Photography
  4. The Giant Tortoise
  5. A picnic
  6. Family time out
  7. Nature walk
  8. Research
  9. Excursion
  10. A literary outing

1. Canopy Walk

Expectedly, this is the star attraction of the centre. Featuring a 401-metre long canopy walkway, the Lekki Conservation Centre Canopy Walk is the longest canopy walk in Africa and second-longest in the world.
lekki conservation centre canopy walk

It was constructed by 13 Nigerians and was supervised by two Canadians. The 401m Canopy walkway, launched in 2015, is certainly not a climb for the faint-hearted. It is a great tourist attraction giving the tourist a scenic view of the entire habitat. It is worthwhile and 100% safe, so there’s little to worry about. When the ropes begin to swing and it almost feels like you are dangling. However, the only time tourists are not allowed to access the bridge is when it is raining.

2. Giant chess game

After an adrenaline-filled canopy climb, you can wind down with your friends and family by playing a calm calculative game of chess. The chessboard is designed on a floor with 16 big pieces and you don’t have to be a chess master to play it. Give it a go, you’ll have fun.

lekki conservation center in Nigeria3. Photography

The Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria is a great photoshoot destination – from the evergreen natural environment to animals in their natural habitat. fun things to do at LCC

It gives, especially, nature photographers an opportunity to take awesome pictures of animals going about their normal activities. Capture birds soaring solo in the sky or capture them in their community at the bird’s stop. It also affords from the campy walk beautiful scenery of the evergreen habitat of the conservation centre.

4. The giant tortoise

You might be used to seeing tortoises in discovery channels, wildlife channels that feature wild animals or maybe in a local zoo. Well, Lekki Conservation Centre gives you an opportunity to meet a 95-year-old giant tortoise and observe his majestic steps adorned with old age.

the giant tortoise at the Lekki conservation centre

The animal roams freely as it a very slow-paced animal, this affords tourist the opportunity to take selfies and get a feel of the strong and powerful shell of the turtle

5. Have a picnic

The raffia shed is a cool place to relax and reconnect with friends and family or bond with your partner. With the cool breeze billowing through the hut, serene environment and pristine clouds, it almost appears as a movie scene. Also with the barbecue stand within reach, your appetite isn’t left out.lekki conservation centre Nigeria

6. Family time out

Here families can get away from the buzzing noise and daily hustle of the city life to the intimate offerings of nature – the quiet and serene environment.

A blend of natural animal life as an escape from car engines and industrial waste. Fresh food like coconut drinks, fish and a quiet time at the raffia palm sheds or gazebos.

7. Nature Walk

The Lekki Conservation Centre Nigeria is a great site for nature work. Being in its primary purpose, conservation of the natural environment from the degradation of industrialisation, it is only realistic that tourists or visitors are treated to the natural wonders of our land.

From monkeys to the colourful and proud peacock, shy crocodiles and busy snakes, plus other wild animals, tourists are given an opportunity to appreciate their natural self and wonder at the intricacies of Mother Nature.

8. Research

The Lekki Conservation Centre is not just a fun spot, where you only go for adventures. The reserve also serves as a resource centre and features a well-equipped library where students and professionals can conduct research in a quiet and serene environment.

lekki conservation centre Nigeria

9. Excursion

The Lekki Conservation Centre is open to people between the ages of 14-65. Thus, schools can apply for an excursion or a trip to the conservation centre.

It could serve as an away experience from the four walls of a learning institution to a more free and friendly environment. It is a great site for lessons on animals and affords students an opportunity to see animals they otherwise only read about in books.

10. Creative outing

The Lekki Conservation Centre offers an avenue to get closer to nature. Featuring a stream, thick vegetation, daily commuting of birds and so on, tourists can find the perfect blend of nature to meditate and do some brain work. Groups of creatives can come together to explore the hidden offerings of the Lekki Conservation Centre.

Lekki Conservation Centre Google review:

JohnGood! It’s quite nice and good to see the kinds of wild animals they keep in the zoo in Nigeria the animals

Date of experience: January 2020

Dab (Lagos, Nigeria): Great chilling site! This is a perfect place to go . When you feel like having fun in a natural environment. I hope you get to enjoy the benefits of this place .

Date of experience: July 2020

Chinenyenwa: Thrilling experience. It was worth the try, You’ll definitely get scared at some point because it starts to wobble and the height is incredible but the adrenaline rush is so worth it!!! I must warn you, wear comfortable clothings.

Date of experience: February 2020

Adetayo (Lagos, Nigeria): A good and wonderful place, I hope you experience it someday and trust you will enjoy it to the fullest.

Peter (McKinney, Texas): A memorable location to try new things and make memories. I went here this past summer in June 2019 with my family to try something new. It’s a better experience than going to a Zoo. You walk around and the animals, such as birds, monkeys, and turtles are free to roam around and you feel like you in nature

Date of experience: June 2019

Kazeem Temitope (Lagos, Nigeria): Superb! The LekkI conservative centre is a great and wonderful place. I hope you will visit there someday

Date of experience: February 2020

Armin (Lagos, Nigeria): Amazing Jungle Experience! This place is awesome. You can see lots of animals though there are some safety hazards. I wouldn’t recommend traveling here with small kids because of monkeys, ants, lizards, snakes, and other wild creatures. Another reason for this is because the wooden railings are broken

Date of experience: February 2020

Jazz Kuffy (Lagos, Nigeria): Nature in an urban area: A great place to unwind and see nature in the midst of the confusion in Lagos. Unbelievably natural environment. Kudos to the founding fathers.

Date of experience: March 2019

Chinelo Diejomaoh (Lagos, Nigeria): A Great place to visit; The Lekki Conservation Centre also known as Lcc is a great hangout spot. People get to see a few animals such as Monkeys. The highlight of LCC is the Canopy Walk. It’s is the longest in Africa.

Date of experience: December 2019

Jerone V (Manquin, Virginia): Beautiful oasis, fun canopy walkway: This a beautiful and relaxing spot in the heart of busy Lagos. It is the natural state of the environment that Lagos has grown around. The great canopy walkway offered a great view of the Centre, as well as views of the city from the top. We are seniors and we were able to complete the walk without too much difficulty. A great outing that is a must-do in Lagos.

Date of experience July 2020

Mista Laurinz (Abuja, Nigeria): That Adrenaline rush, you need this for fresher air in your life. I highly recommend this place if you find yourself in Lagos. It is a hidden gem and I find it absurd that people in Lagos do not know about it because of bad publicity. This place offers you an opportunity to let loose especially if you have been under intense pressure. The adrenaline rush is at its peak. It is also a good place for a picnic, family bonding, office get together, games etc. Be warned that the canopy walk and tree climbing are extreme sports which you cannot do carrying babies and toddlers (These they won’t tell you, you would find out after you have paid). The management needs to keep the water and natural reserve cleaner, maintain the facilities especially the walkway better and do better publicity. Prep people up well before they embark on it, not allowing them to find out for themselves while on it already. Also do not wear formal or native attires for these activities.

Date of experience: December 2019

Happiness Okoroafor (Abuja, Nigeria): Awe’mazing experience; If you seek thrill and then relaxation, lekki conservation is the place to be. The view from atop the the canopy trail is mind blowing. Walking the rest of the trail to the picnic area with the monkeys popping out from the bushes at intervals is also interesting. Relaxing to coconut water drank straight from the shell at the picnic area is the climax for me. Admition fee is quite affordable too.

Date of experience: January 2020 Trip type: Traveled with friends

Chukze (Lagos, Nigeria): Nature’s gift; In this busy city of Lagos this place offers a release from all the stress and a chance to interact with our wild neighbours who aren’t so wild lol.


Finally, as you experience the exhilarating comfort of nature at the Lekki Conservation Centre, it’s important to remember why the reserve was established – to preserve the dwindling natural environment from the adverse effects of industrialisation. An encounter with nature in its purest form should inspire you to be more eco-friendly and do your own part to slow down environmental degradation. It is integral and important to man’s survival and that of planet earth.

Have a Lekki Conservation Centre experience you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below.




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