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YouTube emulates Twitter, Facebook and others, suspends Donald Trump’s channel

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Youtube has joined in the Donald Trump suspension party as the digital giant suspends the embattled President of the United States, Donald Trump, from posting on his dedicated channel on the platform.

YouTube said on Tuesday that it had suspended President Trump’s channel over concerns of “ongoing potential for violence,” the latest move by one of the large tech companies to limit the president’s access across the internet.

In a tweet on YouTube’s official account, the Google-owned video site said it had suspended Trump’s account after one of his recent videos claiming widespread election fraud violated its policy banning content that spreads misinformation.

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Donald Trump will not be able to post on his account for at least 7days. YouTube also said it was disabling comments on his videos indefinitely.

Several tech companies have moved to censor Donald Trump online since a violent mob of his supporters stormed the US Capitol building last week.

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