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Doctor Cupid: 10 ways to make the most of being quarantined with your partner

When you’re stuck at home, you will require some semblance of a schedule to stay sane during this time. 

You will need to work out every day, put together a routine, and find some semblance of a schedule if you’re to successfully go back to normal life after this quarantine.

But it is not just about you this time; you will also need to manage the excesses of the people you will be in quarantine with, whether it is a boyfriend, partner, or a spouse.

However, with several people making jokes about how hard it will be for some people to stay in quarantine with a partner, you will need to employ special measures to ensure that your relationship comes out of this alive and healthy.

Does that sound like a reach? Does it not? Either way, we have compiled ten ways to make the most of being quarantined with your partner and to make sure you come out of this stronger than ever.

Check out our ten tips below:

Lean on each other for emotional support

The quarantine will stir up a lot of emotion in different people, depending on how long it lasts. You will sometimes wake up feeling bored, frustrated and motivated.

The same thing can happen with your partner. Instead of minimizing each other’s feelings during this time, it is important to lean on each other. Try to talk to each other through major and minor emotional disasters, and from this, your relationship will grow even stronger.

The ability to lean on each other at this time will come with the realization that you can depend on your partner for even the littlest things, and this will, in turn, strengthen the bond between you.

Doctor Cupid: 10 ways to make the most of being quarantined with your partner

Be more mindful of each other

Being home together all day means your responsibilities will be increased. There will be more laundry to sort through, more dishes to wash, more chores to complete.

It’s important not to let one partner do all the work. Pick up the slack for each other. It’s important to not let resentment build during this time, that can cause a break in your bond and potentially lead to relationship problems.

Frequently take alone time

Spending too little time with your spouse/partner is bad for bonding between you two. However, spending too much time together can lead to the breakdown of your relationship.

Take time away from each other to text friends and talk to others, work, and complete other tasks. When it’s time to spend time with your partner again, you’ll appreciate it more.

Work out together

Couples who work out together, last forever; isn’t that how the saying goes? Wouldn’t it be fun to sweat it out with your partner?

Working out together brings you closer together. Try it today.

Destress together

Find activities that you can do together to help you destress during this period. You can watch movies together, make TikTok videos, and play games. You can just sit together in silence if that works too.

Just find comfort in each other’s company.

Doctor Cupid: 10 ways to make the most of being quarantined with your partner

Have date nights

You don’t have to go out to a fancy restaurant to have a date night. You can make the night whatever you both want it to be. You can make your meals together, then get ready in separate rooms.

The excitement of this process will take you both back to the early days of your relationship and bring you closer together.

Be more self-aware

Be more self-aware to yourself and sensitive to your partner’s needs during this time. Take this time to take care of yourself, pamper yourself, and do things you normally would not have time for.

Doing this will make you feel better, make you a happier person, and in turn make sure you have enough to give your partner.

Take the time to catch up on each other’s lives

It can be hard to stay in touch with the littlest things about each other’s lives, especially when you have so many other things to focus on, like staying ahead of deadlines and catching up with friends.

Use this time to actually talk to each other, examining how you can do better when the quarantine is over. Your relationship will thank you for it.

Doctor Cupid: 10 ways to make the most of being quarantined with your partner

Communicate with each other

Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship, and relationships sometimes die from lack of communication.

Express yourself in a positive manner, in order to avoid miscommunication. Immediately bring up issues that bother you and don’t let them make you bitter. Don’t blame each other for the littlest things and avoid verbal attacks as much as possible.

During every argument, remember that you love your partner and always be kind.

Work in different rooms

Some couples have set aside up to five hours or more to focus on doing their work. Couples who work remotely should consider doing so in different rooms to simulate the feeling of actually going out.

This will help you focus on your work, and appreciate the time you spent with your partner.

And those are our tips for making the most of this quarantine period. Which tips will you be applying? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Simbiat studied Computer Science at the University of Lagos. She enjoys doing research and spends most of her time reading. She can be contacted at simbiat@sidomexuniversal.com.


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