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Dr Cupid: Mercy and Ike, Diane and Elozonam, Khafi and Gedoni from BBNaija serve couple goals

The Big Brother Naija show brings us yearly entertainment over the course of the ninety or so days that it lasts. 

For every year of the BBNaija show, we get some couple goals from the housemates, from Nina and Miracle, and CeeC and Tobi (for how long they both lasted).

For this year, the pepper dem housemates really made a number of matches that seem to be holding even after the house.

BamBam and Teddy A’s wedding saw a surprising but joyful end to one of the most-followed BBnaija ships.

BBnaija die-hards will remember that the BamTeddy ship started from the house, so that makes our couple list anyone’s game. Who knows? We could have ourselves another BamTeddy!

Some of them are couple goals and others, we don’t even know what’s happening with those (hint: Frodster).

So, we have compiled a list of the BBnaija housemates who coupled up and made us go aww during and after the show. Enjoy!

1. Mercy and Ike:

Mercy and Ike have been BBNaija couple goals since they started showing their true affections to each other.

At first, Mercy had to contend with Ella for the affection of Ike, who she confessed to liking barely seven days into the game.

The romance between the two was exhibited during their midnight shenanigans.

BBNaija fans will remember Mercy giving up her immunity to Ike when they jointly won the head of house challenge.

After, Ike reciprocated the love when he gave Mercy coins to make up the number of coins she needed to buy immunity for the penultimate week.

After the house, the two have not failed to show off their burgeoning love at every opportunity.

Ike was with Mercy in Imo state when she visited for her homecoming party.

The two also released a series of pictures that were met with mixed reviews as some including Joke Silva criticized the pictures. The duo’s fans, however, came to their defense with comments on how much they love the pictures.

Dr Cupid: Mercy and Ike, Diane and Elozonam, Khafi and Gedoni serve couple goals

2. Diane and Elozonam:

First, it was Diane and Nelson, then it was Diane and Tuoyo. But it was when Elozonam entered the Big Brother Naija house that  Diane’s mind was finally made up.

For many, these two were BBNaija couple goals.

The two were always going on and off, but one thing they always made sure to do was to never sleep on their fights, and that is something we can all learn from them.

Elozonam was always helping Diane with her tasks in the house, and they were generally each other’s cheerleaders.

They also went to great lengths to keep from showing affection to each other in the house and kept their fans up until late hours for several days.

After the two left the house (right before the final show), they have said in all their interviews that they are just friends, however, they both revealed that anything can happen.

Fans have, however, noticed the slight intimate touches whenever they are seen in public together, along with the subtle hints on their social media pages, it’s safe to say they are both introverted low-key lovers. Okay!

3. Khafi and Gedoni:

Khafi and Gedoni took to each other like fire and fuel. Khafi almost immediately signalled her attraction to fashion designer, Gedoni, something that he seemed to reciprocate.

The lovebirds were always together, so much that when Gedoni left the house, Khafi had to begin getting to know other housemates, with the exception of Tacha.

Many will remember their under-the-duvet shenanigans, which produced the rumours that Gedoni and Khafi had sex on the show, something that other housemates denied.

Well, true or not, it landed them both on the Daily Mail, the popular British newspaper.

Khafi, who is a police officer in London, was said to have left her workplace without permission from her superiors, something that her team denied.

Following their stay in the house, Gedoni was linked to another woman and the lovebirds unfollowed each other.

That proved not to be the end of their relationship, however, as weeks later, for Khafi’s birthday, signs pointed to them being back together judging by the gifts Khafi received and Gedoni’s very special caption.

4. Esther and Frodd

Froddster was couple goals while they were in the Big Brother house.

Frodd liked Esther unashamedly, even though she did not reciprocate his feelings at first.

Somehow, it grew on her and they became one of the ‘it’ couples of the BBNaija pepper dem season.

However, when the show ended and Frodd got out of the house, he denied having any feelings for Esther, saying they were just friends.

Many were surprised since Frodd had shown contrary behaviour inside the house.

The two unfollowed each other on social media, however, and resumed their individual lives.

But a little birdie says they’re following each other again, with Frodd even leaving comments on her Instagram posts. We’re keeping an eye on this.

So, which couple is your favourite? Did we leave any out? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Simbiat studied Computer Science at the University of Lagos. She enjoys doing research and spends most of her time reading. She can be contacted at simbiat@sidomexuniversal.com.


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