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Heart to Heart: Five simple ways to feel more comfortable in your body

Almost everyone has struggled with their body image. No matter what, here’s always something that you’re insecure about.

The subject of feeling comfortable in your body is so important and integral to overall health that you really do need to be on top of it.

Controlling your thoughts, especially when it comes to matters that have to do with yourself is harder than it seems. We sometimes judge ourselves harsher than we judge others and see ourselves through a more critical lens.

However, it is important to remember to be gentle with yourself and to learn the art of self-love, especially when it comes to your body.

So, here are five simple tips for staring down at your imperfections with a smile instead of a frown.

1. Learn to accept compliments:

Heart to Heart: Five simple ways to feel more comfortable in your body

The first step in your journey is to stop shrinking yourself and learn to accept compliments.

If someone tells you, “oh, I love the shirt you’re wearing,” or “your hair looks really nice today,” learn to smile and say a simple thank you.

You don’t need to spend so much time and energy rejecting compliments from others. You can just say thank you for the compliment and allow yourself to feel good. It’s not a crime.

Additionally, accepting compliments will save you the energy expended over the back and forth you’ll have to engage in with the giver of the compliment.

So, next time someone pays you a compliment, smile and say thank you. You can also go the extra mile by paying them a compliment – take it full circle.

2. Stop seeking external validation:

Heart to Heart: Five simple ways to feel more comfortable in your body

“Who cares what others think about me anyway?”

How many times a day do you think that, convince yourself it’s true and then return to caring what others think? To feel comfortable in your own skin, you have to be able to shrug off the need to have external validation.

Everybody will have an opinion on your life, but you cannot take them all in. That would drive you crazy.

Instead of measuring yourself through other’s eyes, reach in and improve on your own self-love, develop your own compass, and watch yourself become more comfortable in your skin.

3. Work on loving yourself:

Heart to Heart: Five simple ways to feel more comfortable in your body

Self-love is the ultimate love! Treat yourself to nice things and make sure you pamper yourself once in a while.

Instead of dwelling on your imperfections, it’s best to focus on the things you love about yourself and work on changing the things you can.

Love your body and it will love you right back.

4. Surround yourself with positivity:

Heart to Heart: Five simple ways to feel more comfortable in your body

Don’t be the bird that flocks with the same kind of birds if the others aren’t doing anything to help you improve.

Simply put, if your friends aren’t helping you keep your positive thoughts afloat, then you may need to limit your time with them.

Hanging around people who constantly knock your self-esteem to the ground isn’t good for your journey to becoming a confident person who is more comfortable in their skin.

It’s like building a house all day, then having someone constantly undo the work at night. You won’t make any progress.

5. Don’t adhere to the media’s standards of beauty:

Heart to Heart: Five simple ways to feel more comfortable in your body

The media’s standards of beauty are unrealistic. Even the models don’t look the way they’re portrayed.

It’s not easy to be comfortable in your own skin when you’re constantly being bombarded by ‘the right kind of beauty’ that does not look like you.

Rather than trying to fit yourself into a box, reject that narrative and find your own beauty standards. You’ll love yourself even more for it.

Did our tips help you? What other tips do you recommend for building self-love? Kindly share them with us in the comments section below.

Simbiat Haroun studied Computer Science at the University of Lagos. She enjoys doing research and spends most of her time reading. She can be contacted at simbiat@sidomexuniversal.com.


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