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How Davido discovered and signed Mayorkun to his record label

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Mayorkun is no longer a strange name in the Nigerian music industry following his chart-topping hits after he got signed by Davido.
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According to EmpireAfrica1, in 2016, Davido signed Mayorkun to his record label, HNK, an investment that has since paid off with hits after hits including the most recent Bobo featuring Davido. Moreover, tracks like Eleko, Che-che and Mama has proved that Mayorkun is no one hit wonder. He is here to stay.

But before Mayorkun got signed to Davido’s HNK record label he was a marketer in a major bank in Lagos, after graduating as an accountant at the University of Lagos. Not the top marketers in executive cars, but rather the junior ones that get paid by commission. He trekked the streets of Lagos begging people to open accounts with the bank in which he worked.

The artist purportedly earned N5,000.00 in his first month for opening 190 bank accounts. He earned N7,500.00 in his second month. The highest he was ever paid while working for the bank was N20,000.00, the artist revealed, according to EmpireAfrica1.

Music was a side hustle he was developing for the future after he has made money banking. No one really knew he was an aspiring artist. Mayorkun was said to simple write low-key note. He purportedly created a few demos here and there. At that same time, just for fun, he recorded himself performing Davido and Olamide’s song, Money, with a keyboard at his cousin’s house. He decided to post the song on Twitter.

That was the single act that opened the door for him and got him noticed by Davido.

Coincidentally at the time, he was interviewed by another bank for a job that would pay him, N75,000.00 per month. He got the job by the way.

Davido came across the video he posted on Twitter. He like it, shared it and followed him on Twitter. Davido finally sent him a direct message. Mayorkun went crazy. Davido asked him whether he could sing in addition to playing the keyboard. He replied that he had some wack songs but he didn’t know if Davido would like them. He immediately sent six tracks across to Davido…. The rest is history as the saying goes and that includes the N75K job offer on his table at the time.

It was a really poor quality video, which was recorded in low light. Most people wouldn’t have been proud of it but Mayorkun’s talent was unmistakable and that was what got him to the next level.


A version of this piece originally appeared on the Instagram account of @EmpireAfrica1. It is lightly here edited for clarity.



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