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You can’t believe what happened on Nigerian actor Adetola Lateef’s Instagram live (Video)

Popular Nigerian Yoruba actor and filmmaker Adetola Lateef was on Instagram Live and something very shocking transpired on the live video.

A lady who seems to be his girlfriend came on the actor’s Instagram live video and she practically embarrassed the actor as she accused him of being selfish and constantly kept asking him to speak to his mum.

Apparently, the actor and the lady had some misunderstanding between them and according to the lady, she had to come on the live video because that’s the only way to get Lateef’s attention. The lady’s action definitely left the actor very embarrassed and unsettled.

The lady who did most of the talking on the live video says: “I refuse to be treated this way, I refuse. I am tired, I am exhausted. Talk to your mum, just talk to your mum. I am exhausted. I don’t know why you always only think about yourself

And when asked why she came on the Instagram live by the actor, she answers: “I have said my piece, so it is either you understand me or just let me go crazy.

After the lady went off, the actor also ended the live video saying he would get back to explain.

Jenny M
Jennifer Madunagu is a diction/phonetics instructor and also a creative writer. She loves seeing movies and enjoys reading books. To follow Jennifer Madunagu - Twitter: @Jmadunagu


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