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Mark Zuckerberg launches WhatsApp Pay! Guess the first country to use the feature

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, on Monday 15th June, announced the launch of digital payments for people using WhatsApp.

In 2014, Facebook bought Whatsapp and since then, various new additions have been added to the people’s favourite messaging platform.

WhatsApp Pay has definitely got to be the best yet.

WhatsApp Pay has been launched, however, it is starting in Brazil. WhatsApp Pay is a medium where users would be able to send and receive money to family and friends and make purchases using the app.

Taking to his official Facebook page to announce the launch, Mark writes:

“Today we’re starting to launch payments for people using WhatsApp in Brazil. We’re making sending and receiving money as easy as sharing photos. We’re also enabling small businesses to make sales right within WhatsApp.

“To do this, we’re building on Facebook Pay, which provides a secure and consistent way to make payments across our apps. I want to thank all of our partners for making this possible. We’re working with local banks, including Banco do Brasil, Nubank, Sicredi as well as Cielo, the leading payments processor for merchants in Brazil.

“Brazil is the first country where we’re widely rolling out payments in WhatsApp. More to come soon!”

What are your thoughts about WhatsApp Pay? Is it something you will like to try out? Share with us in the comment section.

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  1. Mark Zuckerberg is very scummy. Can’t wait to move to Telegram. I’m definitely not using this. God knows what he’s going to actually track and sell with this


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