10 best washing machines to buy in 2020

10 best washing machines to buy in 2020
For an appliance whose job it is to make your life easier, the process of buying a washing machine can be quite tricky to navigate.

Because of this, it is important to be armed with as much information as possible when embarking on the exercise of purchasing a washing machine.

Washing machines are incredibly important in households as they let us wash our dirty clothes without the stress of going through the traditional hand washing system, which can be stressful, time-consuming and cause bruises.

The tight schedules of people all over the world have made it such that we now need machines to do more work for us so that we can open up more space in our day for more important things like spending time with family.

Because of this, people who can afford it have gone the way of buying washing machines in order to enjoy this added time.

Things to consider before buying a washing machine

Before you buy yourself a washing machine, there are several things to consider before making a decision.

Below are some of the things to consider before choosing a washing machine.

1. The size of the washing machine:

The size of the washing machine is a very important factor to consider when buying washing machines. Not only is it important to consider how large your washing machine physically is, but you must know the capacity of the machine.

Knowing the physical size of the washing machine will help you determine several things. You will be able to know if the machine can fit into the space you’ve reserved for it or if you simply can’t have it because your space is too small.

At the same time, knowing the capacity of the washing machine helps you figure out if the machine is what you need. You don’t want to spend hours doing laundry because your machine can’t take too many clothes at once.

So, the size of the machine is something you must figure out quickly.

2. Installing your washing machine:

Most washing machines typically need to be installed before they can be used. Exceptions are some combo units or compact spin washers that can simply be connected to an adapter and be set for use.

You will need to check that your home has the facilities – both electrical and plumbing – to handle the demands of a washing machine. In the case where it cannot, you may want to make some adjustments before introducing a washing machine into your home.

3. The speed of the machine:

This refers to the number of times your washing machine’s drum spins around every minute. If your washing machine has an RPM of 1200, that means it spins around 1200 every minute, which is pretty good.

You will need to pay attention to the specifics when selecting a washing machine so that you can know what works for you. A lower spin speed means that your washing machine will take a longer time to wash your laundry which translates to more time doing laundry for you, which you don’t want.

Types of washing machines

In addition to that, there are also different types of washing machines, so depending on the type of washing machine you want, you should know that there are two types of washing machines: top loading and front loading washing machines.

Top loading and front loading washing machines are basically the same and will both clean your clothes to the highest degree. However, front-loading washing machines use less electricity than top-loading washing machines.

In addition to this, location also matters as you want to be close to technicians who can speedily repair your machine in case of any issues. Nigerians mostly use top loaders from specific brands for this very reason.

However, there are always options, which means that you don’t have to compromise on your choice because of issues like this.

1. Top loading washing machines

Top loader washing machines are the most common types of washing machines in use in Nigeria. The top model washing machines have an opening at the top of the machine that allows you to load your laundry from the top.

These models are quite old but they are still heavily in use in Nigeria. They are also less expensive than front-loading washing machines, which may contribute to their being more common in Nigeria.

However, these machines are energy-efficient, durable and provide excellent cleaning, even though they typically use more water than front loaders.

These machines also sometimes come with centre agitators, which work by rolling beneath your clothes, pulling and bouncing them through the water. A downside to these agitators is the fact that they are less gentle on your clothes which may cause fabric tear, tear out a button or two or cause the colours on your clothes to fade more quickly.

2. Front loading washing machines

Front loading washing machines are usually the most energy-efficient machines. Apart from using less electricity, they also use less water to clean clothes, which makes them perfect for people who don’t want to spend so much money on utilities.

When clothes are loaded into a front-loading washing machine, the machine adds water and soap based on the size of the load which it senses after the clothes that have been put inside the drum (loading compartment) of the machine.

Front-loading machines can handle big, bulky loads, but require you to bend every time you need to load or unload the machine. For this reason, these machines are not suitable for you if you have reached an advanced age or suffer from back pains.

If you insist on having a front loading machine despite these concerns, then you can easily get a pedestal to save some strain on your back. Most manufacturers sell these pedestals alongside the machines to raise the appliances a little higher from the floor and make it easier for your back to cope with the strain.

A downside to owning front-loading machines is that water often forms a puddle in the door gasket, dispensers and even the drum itself after using the machine.

You can simply clean it, however. Make sure that you always clean the gasket and the dispenser. Leave the washing machine door open so that the air can escape before you need to use it again.

3. Combo washing machines with washer and dryer

At the most, with either a front loading washing machine or a top-loading washing machine, the closest you can get towards dry clothes are the spinners that top-loading washing machines come with.

But that is not really the dream. The perfect situation would be to put your clothes in the washing machine and come back to perfectly dry clothes. And you can get it.

The combo washing machines with washer and dryer combine a front loading machine with a dryer inside a single machine that is basically the same size as a washing machine.

They do everything that a washer and dryer do but take up less space. This is an option for you if you have less space and want the capabilities of a washer-dryer.

A disadvantage of having one of these is that they don’t always completely dry your clothes and you still have to spread your clothes out in the sun.

A washer-dryer combo machine is therefore perfect for those who don’t have access to line drying space in their homes and apartments. Below. you will find the best washer-dryer combo you can buy at a relatively inexpensive price.

10 best washing machines to buy in 2020

Now that you are armed with the right information, check out our list of 10 best washing machines that will be perfect for you and your family this 2020. With bonuses in longevity and performance, you can be sure that no matter which washing machine you choose, you will get the perfect value for your money.

Below, you will find washing machines from different manufacturers, including those from brands like Samsung, LG, Scanfrost, and many others.

Several people prefer to buy washing machines from the above brands because of the ease of repairing the machine if something ever goes wrong, but we have provided a series of options for those who don’t share that sentiment.

The machines we have selected are based on a number of criteria, and from a large selection of feedback from people who have used these products and are satisfied with their purchase. No matter what, you can rest assured that all the washing machines on this list will serve your needs for a long time.

Check out ten best washing machines below that are the best you can find on the market today.

1. Scanfrost SFWM TTC

10 best washing machines to buy in 2020

The Scanfrost SFWM TTC washing machine is a 9.2kg capacity top loader twin tub washing machine fitted with a plastic body. It also has a toughened glass connected cover so you can be sure that your clothes will not accidentally fly out of the working machine.

In addition to the above features, it also has a superior built-in reversible drain pump for removing washed water into the washbasin, a highly efficient copper coil motor, and deep cleans laundry with every wash.

This washing machine has two compartments: one for washing dirty laundry and the other for spinning it, drying the clothes as well as the machine can so that the clothes spend a shorter time on the line.

Owners of the Scanfrost SFWM TTC know that they are buying quality every time they pick this product as the company offers Nigerian buyers of this washing machine two years warranty with every purchase. | SEE OFFER HERE

2. LG WM3900HVA

10 best washing machines to buy in 2020

The LG WM3900HVA washing machine is one of the best front loading washing machines that offers efficiency and optimal performance. This washing machine has 4.5 cubic feet and aims to conserve water and resources while cleaning your clothes at the highest efficiency possible.

This machine is especially perfect for allergy sufferers as it features LG’s Allergenie cycle which removes up to 95 per cent of the possible allergens.

The LG WM3900HVA has five water streams that clean soap, dirt, hair particles and other debris from every freshly washed load, returning your laundry to you as clean as it can possibly be.

You also won’t have to worry about waiting too long to get your laundry when using this machine as LG’s TurboWash technology ensures that every load, no matter how large, is cleaned in under 30 minutes.

While this washing machine comes with amazing features, its staggering price might discourage you from going for this washing machine.

The LG WM3900HVA costs a whopping 1100 dollars. Please note that it may cost more if this machine is purchased from resellers. | SEE OFFER HERE

3. Haier Thermocool HW60-1279

10 best washing machines to buy in 2020

Haier Thermocool’s HW60-1279 is a front load washing machine that can hold up to 6kg of laundry. It has a wave drum technology that gives your clothes a thorough cleaning, thanks to its wave drum technology.

This washing machine is also ABT treated, which prevents bacterial growth in your washing machine and ensures that your clothes always come out looking and smelling amazing.

To protect children from their own selves, and to put your mind at rest while using the machine, it features a child lock system that is on when the washer is working to protect your children and to keep your laundry in while the machine is in use.

The Haier Thermocool HW60-1279 machine also features a quick wash feature so that lightly dirty clothes can be washed as quickly as possible.

This washing machine does not have a special program for washing baby clothes which require more delicate handling. It also costs 125,500 Naira. Please note that store prices may differ. | SEE OFFER HERE

4. Haier Thermocool Semi-Automatic TLSA08B washing machine

10 best washing machines to buy in 2020

The Haier Thermocool semi-automatic TLSA08B washing machine is both powerful and discreet. It has an 8kg spin capacity and a soak function, which ensures that the machine thoroughly washes your clothes to perfection.

This washing machine also has an additional feature that collects lint from your clothes, providing ease of use along with the freshest clothes.

The Haier Thermocool semi-automatic TLSA08B washing machine is waterproof, anti-rust, lightweight, and easy to move.

This machine has a child safety lock that comes on when the machine is in use, protecting your children and preventing disruptions to your laundry programs.

This machine does not have a washing machine pump as well as an NZP which makes your machine work at low or minimal water pressure levels. | SEE OFFER HERE

5. LG Compact All-in-one washer/dryer

10 best washing machines to buy in 2020

The LG Compact All-in-one washer-dryer machine is a ventless condensing drying machine with one of the largest capacity washers in washing machines today.

LG’s 6Motion™ Technology uses up to six washing motions to maximize performance and keep the machine gentle on your clothes.

Its TubClean Cycle will also keep your washer fresh, sterilizing the tub and keeping it in tip-top condition. This machine has a 10-year warranty and if you ever run into any problems, you can figure it out using the Smart Diagnosis option which will immediately diagnose a problem right from your phone.

With all these great qualities, you should note that this washer/dryer combo uses a high amount of energy and will not be great for those who don’t want to spend too much on their electricity bill.

In addition to this, this washing machine costs 1,439 dollars, a price that could prove steep for the more economical buyers. | SEE OFFER HERE

6. Midea Twin Tub Washing Machine

10 best washing machines to buy in 2020

Midea’s Twin Tub washing machine is a top-loading washing machine with a capacity of 10kg. Get the most out of your washing machine with this machine whose size makes it easier to wash heavier loads, helping you save time on doing laundry.

This washing machine offers you a washer and spinner inside a single machine. The spinner spins at the extraordinary rate of 1350 RPM which ensures that your clothes are ready in very little time.

Midea’s Twin Tub washing machine is compact and lightweight and will easily fit into your bathroom or available spaces in your laundry room.

This washing machine is most ideal for a small family, a bachelor/spinster or a student.

Midea’s Twin Tub Washing Machine has a wash capacity of 6kg and a spin capacity of 4.6kg which some people will consider to be small. This machine is perfect for small families, but larger families should reconsider buying this machine.

It also has a wash noise of 62 decibels and a spin noise of 72 decibels. If you prefer a quieter washing machine, you should keep scrolling. | SEE OFFER HERE

7. Nexus 4.5kg Single Tub Washing Machine (NX-WM-4SASR)

10 best washing machines to buy in 2020

For those in need of a relatively smaller machine, the Nexus 4.5kg single tub washing machine will do the job perfectly and efficiently.

This powerful machine has exciting features that will make it worth the experience. It features a two wash program for a customized washing experience as well as a collar scrubber for washing collars and cuffs.

It features electro-mechanical controls to properly control the machine, as well as a lint filter and a rat mesh to keep out rodents and keep your machine fresh for use every time.

A downside of owning this machine, however, is the relative unease at using it as opposed to the double tub or front loader washing machines.

It also does not come with a spinner, to remove the water from others before they are dried. However, this machine only costs 19 thousand Naira and so is worth the price. | SEE OFFER HERE

8. Haier Thermocool 6kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Haier Thermocool 6kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

The Haier Thermocool semi-automatic washing machine is a top-loading 6kg washing machine that is both powerful and discreet.

This washing machine features a 4.5kg spin capacity and its soak function ensures that clothes are washed perfectly and spun to your satisfaction.

It has a lint filter that collects lint from the fabric. Additionally, electronic components have a protective cover for users’ safety. It is waterproof, anti-rust, lightweight, easy to move and hard to be out of shape.

This machine also has a child protective cover that keeps clothes away from your children and also keeps your clothes safely in the machine while it is being washed.

This machine has no NZP which keeps your machine running at minimal water pressure levels and no shower rinse to keep it mold-free until the next use. | SEE OFFER HERE

9. Samsung WF45K6500AW

10 best washing machines to buy in 2020

The Samsung WF45K6500AW washing machine is a front loader washing machine that lets you add more clothes even after the machine has started working.

It is also big enough to contain larger loads which means shorter laundry times for you. This machine also uses the power of steam to remove stains without pre-treatment.

Unlike other washing machines, this Samsung WF45K6500AW washing machine releases steam from the bottom of the machine which leads to a cleaner wash.

This washing machine also has WiFi connectivity that allows you to control the machine from wherever you are in your home. You can also monitor pertinent information about your laundry like checking the remaining time left for your laundry, and information like that from the comfort of your living room.

You will also enjoy its smart care feature that allows you to diagnose problems straight from your phone.

With all of the amazing features that this watching machine has, it should be expected for it to cost an arm and a leg, which it does. This washing machine costs a whopping 989 dollars. The price may vary in stores, however. | SEE OFFERS HERE

10. Midea 7kg front load Washing Machine

The Midea 7kg front load washing machine is a fully automatic front-loading machine that runs excellently at very little running cost.

This machine has some attractive features including 23 preset wash programs for you to choose from, a prewash feature for your overly dirty clothes and an antibacterial compartment to collect mould before it builds up in your machine.

The above-listed features all ensure that you always get the highest quality value and get clean clothes at low running cost, as well as a clean machine.

This washing machine is perfect for Nigerian searching for a front loading washing machine as it uses very little electricity, soap and water yet performs optimally.

It also has a child lock feature to keep your kids away from the clothes while they are being washed and to keep your clothes in the machine. Its spinning capacity goes up to 1000 RPM giving you drier clothes in less time.

This machine has a wash notice level of 56 decibels while its spin noise level goes up to 78 decibels. It also requires 2000 watts f energy to run which is not energy saving by any means. | SEE OFFERS HERE

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Different people have different needs, but whatever your needs are for a washing machine, you will be able to select one of the above machines which will serve you for a long time.

Don’t forget to recommend this article to friends and family who are looking for washing machine recommendations.

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