Consume more sugar; it’s fortified with Vitamin A, expert tell Nigerians

The executive secretary of National Sugar Development Council (NSDC), Dr Lateef Busari thinks Nigerians should consume more (refined) sugar.


Busari said this while addressing a news conference on Thursday in Abuja and believes that the consumption of (refined) sugar in Nigeria is relatively low compared to other countries.

He says: “On the basis of per capita consumption, indeed for Nigeria, we are not taking enough sugar.

Nigeria is around 11 kilograms per capita Egypt with 38 kg and the USA, 32 kg.

It is good that Nigerians are still moderate in their sugar intake but we believe as sugar council that it is not enough and we can still go to 15 or 18 kilograms.”


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The secretary appealed to Nigerians to consume more sugar but not in excess, adding that sugar was not the cause of diabetes as some believed. He also informed that Nigerian-made sugar was one of the four foods fortified with Vitamin A. he said the government made it mandatory that all sugar producers do so.

He says: “They selected four food items, sugar, salt, flour and vegetable oil.

So they have asked that all these products be fortified with Vitamin A because these are foods you must consume one way or the other.

“Through your consumption of those items, you would get your normal dose of vitamin A.”

Busari also revealed that the projection for the sugar master plan for 2018, was put at 1.6m metric tons, but this was revised to 1.58 m metric tons based on realities on the ground. He said this would be shared among the operators on the basis of their performance.

Busari also attributed the reduction in sugar production to unrest in areas where some of the sugarcane plantations and sugar plants are located. He, however, said other companies were coming up to help boost sugar production.

He says: “We have other investors coming in, two in Jigawa State and some in Edo.

We also have some small sugar mills that are coming up. We call them mini plants and we have one currently in Oyo State and another in Sokoto State.

Nigeria presently has about six brands of locally produced sugar, and if all Nigerians decide to patronise Nigerian made sugar, it will help the industry.”

On the issue of imported sugar, he said the organisation had engaged the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) to help tackle smuggling of sugar into the country.

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  • Instead of Og Shuaibu to laud Nigerians for not consuming refined sugar he’s there yanniing nonsense. Are we not fat already? Let them add all the rice and fufu people dey chop 4 this country then he go know say whether naija dey chop sugar or not. Illiterate doctor

  • who is this idiot? doesn’t he realise that our staple foods are more or less sugar: rice, yam, cassava, wheat name. what other sugar does he want nigerians to consume? idiot

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