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Despite getting married within 3 weeks of knowing each other, we’ve never had a fight – Nigerian man says

How long should a couple know each other before tying the knot is one of the most frequent relationship questions people ask.


We’ve read about people who dated for years before one of them (usually the guy) popped the question. Yet there are those who only met each other a day or so before their marriage (aka an arranged marriage.) Just last month, we reported about a couple who got married six days after the groom advertised for a wife on Facebook. Yes, it happened.

Does the length of courtship influence the success of a marriage? Probably we think, but we are no relationship experts. However, a cursory study of the subject seems to suggest that couple who have dated longer have a higher chance of understanding and knowing each other – factors that could make a marriage work. Yet, instances abound where arranged marriages have been very successful. The key things to a successful marriage seem to include mutual respect, love, understanding and a desire to make the relationship work.

So, when a Facebook user, John Michael Ezeke, announced on the social media that he and his wife of four years have never had a fight despite marrying three weeks after meeting, we are not surprised. Luck, understanding, work on their relationship? We have no idea what is making their relationship but it certainly seems like theirs is a union of souls.

To celebrate their wedding anniversary the Ebonyi State indigene who lives in Cape Town with his wife Nnenna Precious calls for friends to celebrate with them.

Read what he wrote, lightly edited for clarity:

Dear friends, join to give us your wishes as we are celebrating and refreshing our 4th marriage vow today. This day and this time of yesterday’s 2014, I was still at the venue because that was the best day I ever witnessed in my life. The most amazing thing about this marriage is that despite we got married and wedded in three weeks of knowing ourselves, not even seeing on Facebook before, we have never had a fight for one. The marriage is refreshing every day as we if we are just starting to date each other.”

Congratulations to the couple on the anniversary of their marriage.