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Doctor cupid: 5 things to do when you’re caught in a love triangle

Doctor cupid: 5 things to do when you're caught in a love triangle
No matter the form a love triangle comes in, it is always confusing and very frustrating with all the drama that goes on in these situations.

It may be that someone you’re dating is finding it hard to choose between you and someone else. It can be extremely hard to continue soldiering on, especially if you find yourself being the third wheel in the situation. So, what do you do to guard your heart and protect yourself if the relationship does not work out?

Well, you can try controlling your feelings, but that is easier said than done. Thankfully, there are some measures you can take to protect yourself in the case of a fallout.

1. Keep yourself busy

Heartbreak sucks, and it is very painful to go through it, but you can manage it by distracting yourself with other things like work.

Keeping yourself busy does not mean that you won’t make time for the people that care about you, only that you won’t give yourself the room to imagine impossible situations.

Pick up a new hobby, go for a trip, or do the things you have always wanted to do. Doing this also shows that you are not holding your breath while waiting for your partner to make up their mind.

2. Be open to seeing other people

The relationship might not work out and you should be ready for that. Be open to seeing other people and who knows, you might find the one person for you, who will not make you feel like you are an option, but the first choice every time.

Even if the other relationship does not work out, you know that you have someone else you can rely on. Better still, you can leave the triangle before it implodes.

3. Talk about it

Be direct with what you want and what you expect from the relationship. Talk about your expectations from the relationship and ask questions about the other person’s feelings.

It will be hard to discuss it as the outcome of the discussion may not be favourable to you, but it is better to know where you stand than to constantly hang in limbo.

4. Don’t play games

Playing games will do more to sabotage you than actually help you. Don’t avoid their calls or try to pit them against the other person. Nobody likes being played.

Instead, have an adult discussion with them about what you want, share how the situation is impacting you in a negative way and communicate what you want.

5. Be accepting

No matter what, you cannot control what happens at the end of the love triangle. You may end up with your love interest, and you may not.

Try to prepare yourself for any eventualities so that you won’t take the rejection too hard if you don’t end up with the person you want. You will just have to accept that some people are not who you thought they were.

Love triangles can be emotionally tasking, and while you may recognize the need to leave that situation, that won’t happen every time – you may not have the emotional strength to.

Instead, you can use the tips above to prepare gracefully prepare for or exit a love triangle.