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Doctor Cupid: 5 ways to manage difference in religious beliefs in a relationship

Doctor Cupid: 5 ways to manage difference in religious beliefs in a relationship
As life becomes more global and technology shortens the distance between people, more people are dating outside their religious circles. 

While people are trying to manage their partner’s expectations in interfaith relationships, there can still be a number of problems.

These problems include a clash in beliefs and a difficulty for the partners to get along. Some of these problems are so severe in these relationships that they cause some people to break up over the inability to manage it.

However, it is entirely possible to manage relationships where both partners are of differing faiths. All it takes it a lot of respect and a number of things that are outlined below.

1. You must learn to respect each other

The most important aspect in your relationship is the level of respect you have for each other. You can agree to disagree about many things, but you must learn to respect each other’s religions.

You should be able to acknowledge each other’s religious differences and respect each other’s religions.

2. Try to participate in each other’s religions

You should actively participate in each other’s religions in order to build a strong union. The chances are high that they spend a lot of time practising their religion and you don’t want to lose all that time.

You can participate as a religious observer even if you don’t want to take part in the process. It can also draw you closer to your children if they choose to follow your partner’s religion.

3. Prioritize the things that are important to each other

You may not necessarily care about the religious rites that your partner practices, but showing them that you remember and you care about it can draw you closer together.

4. Communicate with each other often

Communication is important in any kind of relationship whether you are in an interfaith relationship or not. Take the time to talk to each other, examine where you are in your relationship at the end of every day.

Doing this will help you reassess your boundaries and ensure that both partners are getting what they need from the relationship.

5. Discuss your arrangement beforehand

All of the tolerance and respect in the world will not help you both if you don’t know what to expect beforehand. Before you embark on your relationship, talk things out and identify what you are both expecting from the relationship.

Try to see if things will work between you two and if it won’t, accept things and let things go.


Things don’t have to be hard, as long as you are both invested in making things work. Use the tips above to work on your relationship and you will find that things don’t have to be as hard as everyone says.

If you are in an interfaith relationship, share your experiences with dealing with your partner below. We’d love to hear from you.

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