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Doctor Cupid: Navigating through dating in the time of Coronavirus

Doctor Cupid: Navigating through dating in the time of Coronavirus
Since the Coronavirus has started spreading through countries, killing thousands of people, entire countries have been put on lockdown.

This lockdown restricts the movement of the citizens of the countries and complicates matters that used to be simpler than they now are, post-COVID-19.

This includes simple matters like buying and selling, interacting with friends and family, and even more complicated matters like dating. For single people, finding new partners has never been harder.

Of course, there is the trending video of the man who used social media to meet his neighbour, go on dates, and all of that, but that is not the reality for most people.

An overwhelming number of people without partners will need to rely heavily on dating apps and social media to find new partners. Even then, it may not work as social distancing makes it impossible to meet potential love interests are public places.

Nonetheless, couples are getting more creative. Some new couples chose to stay quarantined with each other during the lockdown and for those finding it hard to cope, here are some tips to improve the whole experience. 

For singles trying to navigate through the dating scene, there are some ways to cope with the new problems that have presented themselves thanks to the lockdown.

One ingenious thing to do in order to get to know each other better is to hang out with each other on Facetime and Zoom and have dates on Zoom. Dress up and put some makeup on, if that is something you want to do, get some food delivered and sit in front of your phone or your laptop while talking to each other.

Doctor Cupid: Navigating through dating in the time of Coronavirus

While this is unconventional (obviously), it can be a great way for people to get to know each other before things reopen and you can both go on an actual date.

Another option is to use the Netflix Party feature on your laptop as a replacement for going to the cinemas. Make yourself some homemade popcorn, get yourself a drink and settle together in front of your respective laptops.

How are you navigating the dating scene as a single person during this Coronavirus lockdown? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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