London hotel charges $200 for a of cup; here’s why

There is a palace hotel in Central London that serves a cup of tea for $200. A pot of the said tea costs £500, which works out at about $620.

According to CNN, getting served tea at this hotel is akin to being treated like royalty.

First gold tweezers are used to pick the tea leaves, which are then weighed “with precision.”  No, the tweezers don’t come with the price tag. The tea is then brewed using still natural mineral water, before being poured out using a special silver tea set. None of which is included in the price, which covers just what it says, the tea.

To get the best taste, patrons are encouraged to drink it before indulging in any sandwiches or scones. CNN describes the tea as “an extraordinary liquor and a smooth, light and mellow texture, with hints of fruity notes.”

It is said to be sourced in collaboration with specialist tea merchants. Handpicked by “expert tea-pluckers” in the highlands of Sri Lanka “and sundried on a velvet cloth, which turns the buds from silver to gold.

Does it have a name? Yes, Golden Tips.

Golden Tip tea

And the hotel that serves this tea? The Reubens, located close to the Buckingham Palace, which might well be the reason for the royal treatment – joking. Patrons are said to enjoy the view from The Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace while enjoying their tea.

And while $620 a pot may seem a high price to pay, Golden Tips has actually sold for a lot more in the past,” CNN says.

Will you pay $200 for a cuppa? Share your thoughts in the comment section.