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Heart to heart: 5 signs that you have a low self esteem and how to improve it

Heart to heart: 5 signs that you have a low self esteem and how to improve it
Low self-esteem is a common scourge in society and can be masked as a number of other conditions such as narcissism.

Apart from that, low self-esteem can also hold you back from not reaching your full potential and can destroy your relationships. It can be easy to disguise low self-esteem as humility, which can be incredibly damaging and makes it hard to notice.

Because of that, we have compiled a list of ways that you can find out if you have low self-esteem. Detecting this issue in yourself is the first step to solving it and subsequently building your confidence.

If you notice any of the signs below in your self, then it may be time to analyze yourself.

  1. A difficulty to say ‘no’
  2. Being sensitive to criticism
  3. Feelings of worthlessness
  4. Difficulty making choices
  5. Perpetuating negative self-talk

Once you have recognized that you have self-esteem issues, the next thing on your mind is most likely how to solve it and if it’s even possible.

Yes, with a bit of hard work and dedication, reminding yourself of your goals every day, you can cultivate more healthy self-esteem.

Use the tips below you change the voices in your head and improve your life.

  1. Seek therapy
  2. Learn to be assertive
  3. Avoid negative self-talk
  4. Focus only on the things you can change

Low self-esteem can be intensely damaging to your life, career, and personal relationships. It does take some time to correct low self-esteem and it can look like the road ahead is long but be rest assured that as long as you are doing the work, you will definitely see results.

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