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Jackie Aina named Power Influencer of the Year by Glamour magazine

Jackie Aina on the cover of Glamour

On the heels of the news of her engagement to long-time boyfriend Denis Asamoah comes another crowning moment for the beauty blogger and influence, Jackie, Aina.

She’s been named the Power Influencer Of The Year by Glamour Magazine. No doubt in part to what Bella Cacciatore writing for the magazine describes as her bringing “an unparalleled joy to a space that can sometimes devolve into pettiness and drama.”

Instead of engaging in the internet’s prevalent call-out culture, she voices her thoughts with the intent to create change,” continues Cacciatore. “This has included calling out brands when they aren’t being inclusive, holding other influencers accountable, and addressing colourism in the industry with conviction.”

And for her refreshing take on social influencing, Jackie has earned more than 3.1 million subscribers on YouTube with over 278 million views, and 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Her videos continue to be popular, and in fact, viral, in part to the deprecatory manner she chose to deliver her content.

I just thought, What if people really got to see how weird and crazy I am?”  says Jackie of the evolution of her style delivery.

And which seems to have connected with her audience, much to her own surprise.

And brands are watching and are enlisting her help to develop more inclusive products. For instance, on her collaboration with Estee Lauder’s Top Faced, founder and chief creative officer Jerrod Blandino says:

I realised I needed to call somebody, not only that I completely respect and trust, but somebody that I love enough to sit in my throne and really lead me and guide me down this road.

It’s about doing the right thing. Jackie’s at the forefront of changing that for us—for the world.”

Read more on Glamour Magazine.


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Jackie Aina named Power Influencer of the Year by Glamour magazine