Late Dora Akunyili’s daughter eulogies white partner on Instagram, shares hope for their relationship

Chidiogo, a daughter of late Prof Dora Akunyili, glowingly written about her new partner Andrew, revealing she has said yes “to a life spent together in partnership — to holding each other up outwardly and on the inside.”


Apparently, the couple has recently made their relationship official in a civil ceremony.

Chidiogo reveals that seven months prior to meeting her beau, she had prayed for a partner who will honour and cherish her. One who is “full of kindness and have a depth of love” and that will be an inspiration. She says she found such a man in Andrew calling their partnership “a union of souls.”



Read her full post lightly edited for clarity:

@chidiogo_oo:Celebrating our civil union ? Excited for all the white & colourful celebrations with friends and family to come ?? Thank you, Andrew, for being a daily reminder of the miracles that exist in this world and the power we have to tap into it.
On a cold February evening in Geneva, I wrote down words that I feel connected our destinies & led our paths to cross seven months later in the deserts of Nevada. ‘Monday, 8 Feb 2016. Geneva – Clayton asked that I do a true exercise of what I want. Here goes. I seek a partnership with a strong man, mind, body and spirit. I seek a partnership with a man who will cherish, love and honour me & the life we build together, supporting each other through the journey with kindness, love, a smile & words that put difficulties in perspective. He will not be away from home all the time but have a career that allows for him to assist strongly and sometimes wholly in building a home for us and for the children. He will be conscious and inspire us to grow in consciousness. He will be full of kindness and have a depth of love that leaves us inspired by what two people can achieve together. He will hold me and we will give gratitude. He will be flexible. He is adventurous/open to new experiences. He is happy in himself & together we share happiness in God and Love.



“Seven months later after strong guidance came to me to go to Burning Man — I met him. It was a story of the union of souls. I felt I had written him to the existence and rejoiced in the connection we shared. One I know started with a decision to focus on the wholeness of my own soul — self-love — & from the space of taking time for self I was ready to take time for another’s soul and him mine in turn. I was not looking for a man to save me but a man to hold me up in my own strength. Together we continue to weave a web of care, love, strength, that isn’t without its difficulties but I’m learning & growing with & from them.“I say yes to a life spent together in partnership – to holding each other up outwardly and on the inside – to loving every part of ourselves and each other knowing we have the power to create and re-create from a place of peace with what is & the infinity that can be.


Congratulations to the couple.