Heart to heart: The importance of kindness in the time of COVID-19

Heart to heart: The importance of kindness in the time of COVID-19
This heart to heart article is directly inspired by a picture that I saw one of my friends share on social media. 

It is arguably the same way that millions of people all over the world feel during this time when the majority of people are struggling with their mental and physical health. I thought you would be able to relate to it.

Here is the post:

“2020 is testing everything: physical health, mental health, love, friendships, work/jobs, finances, spirituality…everything.

“Everyone you know is fighting battles, but smiling on the outside.

“Be kinder with your words. Just be kind.”

As is obvious from the quote above, 2020 has been a bit too much for so many people. Many people have lost their loved ones, lost their jobs, have suffered mental health breakdowns as a result of being locked inside because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Because of their free time, a lot of people have reverted to social media where ‘savagery’ and unnecessarily rude comments are sometimes encouraged.

This is not good for anyone who seriously cares about their mental health. This is why we need to practice kindness now more than ever.

Reach out to friends that you haven’t seen in a while, connect through audio and video calls, and show the utmost kindness to the people you care about.

Apart from that, be kind to the people that you don’t particularly know. Make excuses for people who hurt you so that both you and them can have a more peaceful state of mind.

Always remember that life is not as hard as people think it is and we need to be soft with each other, especially people who are also struggling with their own demons.

Now that you have read this, which steps will you take to make the world better and to treat yourself and others more kindly? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.