Photos: Wedding photos of Abia man who wed two ladies at once

Remember Ejindu, the young man from Abia State who was going to marry two ladies, Oyediya and Ebere within a space of 24 hours?


Well, the deed is done and from the pictures circulating on the internet, it went very well too. The trio were all smiles during the wedding reception held on 25th February in Abiriba. In one of the pictures, the groom can be seen kissing both brides at the same time. An indication of what the conjugal night might look like? Hmmm.


See the picture:


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  • This one has just dug a very big wide and deep grave for himself. and people troop out to watch this madness… a pastor wedded them or what? if na muslim now we for they shout but am just surprise its happening in the east..the people who claim them wise pass…

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