Sidomex Academy screenwriting master class: ‘It was a 3-day eye opening, life changing experience’ – Participant


The Sidomex Academy has kicked off, and on a very high note as well with the successful completion of our maiden edition masterclass training in screenwriting held from 7th – 9th March 2018.


The screenwriting masterclass, facilitated by Sidomex CEO, Mr Franklin Jituboh, saw seven participants taken through the entire journey of storytelling, from conception to the birth in a manner of speaking. The training dwelt on every aspect of screenwriting: from the draft of a story to its synopsis, the creation of characters and their development, sequence, and premise and all the skills and knowledge that goes into building a creative, competent and award-winning screenwriter.



The masterclass was the just the first of many masterclasses lined up by the Sidomex Academy. And if you missed the training, not to worry as more masterclasses are coming up as would be announced. Meanwhile, the directing masterclass comes up on the 14th-16th March 2017.

Speaking on her experience, participant, Ekwonye Alexise-Winifred says:

After a three-day intensive screenwriting training organised and facilitated by Mr Franklin Jituboh of Sidomex Academy, words cannot express my gratitude.
Thank you, sir, for the opportunity. He is not just a teacher. He is a friend-teacher. Interacting with us like he knew us from our houses (let me use the word a goofy teacher).”It’s not all about writing a good story, do u know the rules and when to break them without giving out a bad script? If you desire to gain more insight into script writing, I’ll recommend Sidomex Academy. l ..I promise u… U will give other writers a run for their money.”

Another participant, Marygold Ola-Richie called the masterclass training a “life-changing experience.” She says the three days were eye-opening and impacted her greatly.

Ozioko Lilian Ginika says she thought she knew it all prior to the class but was blown away by the training. She says:

It was amazing. I know I use this word a lot but trust me, I am a very satisfied soul right now (just after the masterclass training). You know when you start something, not knowing what to expect (like, what more is there to learn about screenwriting for a whole three days? I’ve read the books…blah blah blah). The facilitator just comes and blows your mind out. Every second in that class was worth it. I sat there wondering how much knowledge one man could possess and be willing to pass on to almost nothing.
Thank you so much, sir! And thanks to everyone going out of their way to give back to the industry. And all the sweat, just to make us better filmmakers and better storytellers. God bless you!One thing I learnt ‘your job, is only as important as you take it‘”<>

Ginika (left)



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