Toke Makinwa rants about poor phone etiquette in her Toke Moments vlog series

Toke Makinwa, host o Toke Moments, from Intasgram

Toke Makinwa wants you to brush up on your telephone manners!

In this week’s episode of her YouTube vlog series, Toke Moments, Toke Makinwa is all phone etiquette. The media personality, frankly, has had enough with people who exhibit poor judgment and manners with communicating mobile phones.

In this series’ episode, Toke Makinwa rants about what she perceives as abuse of phone etiquette and using associated messaging apps especially WhatsApp. Her beef is directed at the following groups of people:

  • Those who call at odd hours
  • Those who make multiple calls within a space of a few minutes if the phone was not immediately answered
  • Those who add other people indiscriminately to groups on messaging apps
  • Those who WhatsApp video people (without permission and out of the blue)
  • Those who send strings of one-liners that could have easily gone into a single paragraph
  • Those who expect instant replies

And more!

Toke Makinwa is mad at you. According to her, there is a special place in hell for some of you who fall under some of these categories. So, beware!

Introducing the vlog on her Instagram page, Toke Makinwa writes:

This week let’s talk about those people who lack phone etiquette, the abuse of privacy when it comes to instant messaging (WhatsApp especially). All the group creators, broadcast champions, video call experts (these ones have a special place in hell). I recently had to take WhatsApp off one of my phones, the abuse was three much. How can you just get my number and think it’s ok to video call me without heads up??? Errrrmmmmmm if you know them, tag them.”

Watch the episode:

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Toke Makinwa rants about poor phone etiquette in her Toke Moments vlog series