“Even if you remove your entire head and fix a new head b**** you’re still not gonna be beautiful as Grety!”

Social media wars while some might find it entertaining  most times just leave you wondering where decorum has fled to?


It’s even more disconcerting when two ‘adults’ trade insults at each other as if there is a prize for the person with the knowledge of the most cursing words. What happens to being the bigger person and allowing insults to slide? Or even to message someone privately and let them know in a polite manner that they’ve hurt your feelings? But no, ‘adults’ who are sometimes parents take to social platforms to heap insults on another person leaving you to wonder about the kids they’re bringing up. Pity is the more that some of these ‘adults’ are social media influencers, which means that their words reach far, and we are filled with horror at the thought of the influence their actions will have on the feeble minded.


So today, it is another social media drama between musician called, Dencia, and businesswoman Grety Riverson the b-word, said she looked like a rat and urged her followers not to buy her products.

One can understand that such a coma-inducing comment has the power to upset even a saint. Nonetheless, Grety’s response equally made us dizzy and we just about managed to read to the end. SMH


See the post below but discretion is advised.

How can a robot call me ugly? I think You got the wrong lady bitch..I don’t stress to look beautiful… Even if you remove your entire head and fix a new head bitch you’re still not gonna be beautiful as Grety!I was wondering why this confused twart DENCIA is hating on Grety, It escaped my mind that her U.K representative she normally brag about is now selling Grerivian Cosmetics products and she make more money now? bitch is so pained Hahaha Dencia i understand your plight but I’m not the cause of your predicament.My products is fake yet ur U.K rep spends $40,000 on Grerivian products every week? Toad, It’s obvious that lady can’t spend such amount on your products cos the truth is no one cares about a beautiful container with zero effect – My dear no buyer so double your hustle & You should learn from Grety.

“I see why your music is so whack “cough” You waste lot of energy throwing shades on social media “As a nuisance that you is naw” Instead of focusing on putting much work on your Music – Wasted brain!

You’re already feeling worst about your life How can you want to give a winner $1500 on your song challenge yet you got only 52 #hashtags, worst case #48 was even from your main page only 4 people truly participated on that challenge out of 454k followers including paid advert…I will be damned, like WTF? I only promised just cream on my challenge yet see people struggling to win??bitch Grerivian is the best Get used to it…Now fuck outta here bloody hooligan?”






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