I know what to do to make the internet shake – Bobrisky

I know how to make the Internet shake - Bobrisky

Popular Nigerian transgender Idris Okuneye, aka Bobrisky, has stated that she knows how to make the internet shake.

Recently, she got people buzzing on social media more than usual as she abandoned her feminine clothes for male ones to attend her father’s birthday party.

Defending her actions, the transgender stated that she sure knows how to make the internet shake and that she is very good looking in person.

Bobrisky is no stranger to being in the news as people on social media have gotten accustomed to her feminine lifestyle.

However, the female transgender had a lot of people surprised after recent photos and videos of her dressed as a man appeared on social media.

In the photos, Bobrisky was seen without her usual heavy makeup and she was dressed in a black jalamiya with cap. This came as a shock to many Nigerians as they had become used to the ‘female’ Bobrisky.

The photos caused a lot of reactions on social media and Bobrisky has now taken to her own Instagram page to share her take.

After being dragged on social media, Bobrisky decided to react, writing: “One thing you can never take away from me is TREND. I trend back to back. I know wat to do to make internet shake. Give it to me I know how to make internet talk about me. Una never see anything… I go trend till I die.”

Check out the post and let’s hear your take on the matter…

In another post, Bobrisky said that he is very good looking in person and that it is not easy for a man to buy a house in Lekki area of Lagos

The cross-dresser also said that the husbands and boyfriends of a lot of his critics are in his DM begging to have him.

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  • She’s beautiful, init? I actually like that she respects her father. She didn’t dress as a guy to shake the internet despite her claims. But who am I to dispute her explanation? Whatever floats your boat, Bob.