Pain and agony: Aggrieved mother calls out NCDC over son-in-law’s death


A Nigerian mother has taken to social media to call out the Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) over the death of her son-in-law. 

A voice note from the aggrieved woman has gone viral and according to the woman, she accused the NCDC of negligence. She stated that her daughter who lives in Kano State with her children and her husband had called her to complain about the ill health of her husband.

According to the lady, she convinced her daughter to inform the NCDC, which she eventually did but couldn’t get through to the response team.

When her daughter couldn’t get through to the Kano response team, the very concerned mother started calling the response team in Abuja to inform them and they promised to reach out to the Kano NCDC team.

According to her, she was eventually informed that the NCDC Kano has been shot down. Meanwhile, her son-in-law was taken to a hospital where he eventually died.

The aggrieved mother stated she was holding the Kano State government and the NCDC responsible for the death of her son-in-law.

She also cried that she was worried about her daughter and grandchildren, who may have been exposed to the virus. She called for anyone who can to help them get tested for the Coronavirus to come to their aid.

Listen to the heartbreaking audio below:

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