Why more African women attend church service than men

African women go to church than their men
Have you ever wondered about the high number of women in churches today?

Before the advent of Pentecostal churches, arrangements for sitting in churches were very clearly defined by gender, the masculine gender occupying the front seats and the females the back. However, the story has changed with more women attending church services and some leading the churches.

In a report from the Ugandan-based platform, The East African, the number of women attending church began to increase when the number of men attending religious services began to decline. And as women began to take more seats than men, the sitting arrangement no longer seemed necessary.

A Gallup research indicates that one of the reasons why more women go to church than men is that women are more relational than men, women tend to be more open about sharing personal problems. The research also shows that a higher proportion of women than men say they have a best friend in their congregation.

The Economist, in a 2016 report, said women are more likely to believe and practice a religion than men. The report also found that 83.4% of women identify with a religion while 79.9% of men do so worldwide. But in America, 60% of women consider religion to be very important in their lives while only 47% of men do so.

Another reason why more women go to church than men is that unmarried individuals are probably looking for a relationship that will eventually lead to marriage and where better to find a relationship other than God’s vineyard.

The East African report gives another reason for the influx of women into the church, which is women having much more problems than men, hence, the need for God.

The report further indicates that women naturally feel that one of their main duties is to be more prayerful than any other individual in the home.


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